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The National Interest has once again echoed Russian propaganda and intimidated Kyiv, Chisinau, and T

For the third day already, a large-scale psyop of Russian special services entitled “The U.S. is not a reliable partner” has been ongoing in the media space. It is being carried out within the framework of the Taliban's coming to power in Afghanistan, and it is allegedly the United States that is to blame.

But the essence of this media operation is not just to tar the U.S. and inflict on it informational reputation losses, but also undermine trust in Washington among its allies across the world. First of all, it’s the allies whom Russia sees as own potential targets.

Oddly enough, this operation to "throw a rotten tomato at the U.S." was joined by a U.S.-based outlet, The National Interest, which has long been infamous for representing Russia’s interests in the U.S. rather than promoting the U.S. agenda worldwide. And it was through this platform that the spin was launched, channeling the idea that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is a dark harbinger for Kyiv, Chisinau, and Tbilisi.

The National Interest is now relaying precisely the narratives that the psyop has been focused on. And it is surprising that the American intelligence and security agencies seem to have not yet expressed any interest in this media resource, which has been offering its audiences a rather distorted “expert” opinion.

On what caused the collapse of the legitimate government in Afghanistan, I’ve repeatedly written, as well as talked in my interviews. However, it looks like it should be repeated once again, and, who know, perhaps the “experts” from The National Interest might as well read it.

The Afghan crisis was inevitable, since the only force deterring the Taliban was the U.S. army. But for how much longer were the U.S. forces supposed to remain in this country? Another 10, 20, or maybe 50 years? The United States withdrew and handed the Afghan army full control. Incidentally, the Afghan government forces were four times the size of the Taliban. Moreover, they were way better equipped. But the thing is that the Afghan army is full of mediocre figures, cowards, and defeatists. The Afghan army never wanted to fight and defend its people, neither 50 years ago nor 100 years ago. Meanwhile, for the Taliban, war is the meaning of life.

And even if the United States pulled back from Afghanistan in 100 years from now, the situation would repeat itself exactly.

But, returning to the issue of Kyiv, Chisinau, and Tbilisi, the question arises – why draw any parallel lines between the Kabul case and the capitals the countries that have become victims of Russian intervention? Is the U.S. fighting alongside these counties’ armies? No. Have the American forces deployed in these countries to deter Russian aggression? No.

For decades, Moldova, Georgia, and now for almost eight years, Ukraine, have been physically face to face with the enemy, which has settled in the occupied territories. Morally, politically, and within the framework of military-technical cooperation, the whole world, not only the U.S., stands with Ukraine – this is true.

The Moldovan army, the Georgian army, and the Ukrainian army are ready to defend their respective country, and they have been proving this for years, inflicting reputational losses with their steadfastness on Russia, whose army is considered world’s second most powerful. And it is precisely this humiliation that Russia just can’t get over with, writhing in its humiliating agony. And then there was the fall of 2020, when Azerbaijan regained control of part of Nagorno-Karabakh, in fact, dominating the Armenian army for 44 days.

Facing one humiliation after another, Russia is now seeking to compensate for it as soon as possible. And Afghanistan, or rather its spineless army, has provided such an opportunity.

Therefore, drawing parallels between Afghanistan and Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine is highly unprofessional and raises the question of whether the publicists involved are fit for their job. As practice shows, there are many unfit populists and loudmouths not only among Russian propaganda talking heads and their adepts in Ukraine, but also among international pocket “experts.”

It seems that Russia enjoyed spinning this topic so much that it will spare no money on it. Indeed, why extinguish wildfires in Yakutia, when money can be directed to feed pocket “experts” instead of buying more aviation fuel?

This means we will keep hearing “the USA is an unreliable partner” narrative for a very, very long time.

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