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Belarus and Russia’s “migration terror” against Lithuania reaches new level

The migration terror carried out by the Belarus and Russia tandem against Lithuania, is gaining momentum, with Moscow spinning its wheel with Minsk’s hands.

As soon as the facts of mass trafficking of illegal migrants from Belarus to Lithuania with the assistance of Belarusian border guards came to light, Minsk, thanks to a tip from Moscow, accused Vilnius of racism, as well as the murder of one of the migrants.

Of course, the official response was immediate as Minister of Internal Affairs of Lithuania, Agne Bilotaite, decried  as disinformation the allegations of violence by border guards and death of an Iraqi citizen. But this was not a simple disinformation effort, performed by Belarusian propaganda, as it might seem at first glance.

In Lithuania, a number of threatening letters were allegedly sent from some "Allah warriors " who promise to “punish” Lithuanians for "racism" and "murder" of their brother in faith.

To what extent these letters are real remains a debatable question, especially if we recall the story of the letter from Hamas about that Ryanair plane and its traces that go back to Moscow, not even Minsk, but this isn’t the point.

First, the accusation of racism and murder of an illegal migrant is intended to completely cover the fact of the organized human trafficking to Europe with the help of Belarusian border guards, which means it is government-sponsored. I can’t rule out the option where, for greater persuasiveness, two, three, or a dozen bodies of illegal migrants will be found somewhere in a Lithuania forest, and claims will be spun that they have been shot by bloodthirsty Lithuanian border guards. In fact, this is something quite easy to arrange for those standing behind the scheme.

And I am sure that in a blink of an eye Lithuania would be declared a Nazi state and all sorts of groups defending rights of certain national groups would surface in the arena.

But this is not the most dangerous thing either.

I would like to remind you of my earlier piece about the so-called sleeping cells of radicals across Europe, formed from among emigrants under the watchful supervision and at the initiative of Russia – and the process of their buildup is still ongoing, by the way.

These cells’ combat units could in fact be used to perform a variety of tasks ranging from penetrating protests and riots of national minorities to carrying out terror attacks.

And this is exactly the main, albeit latent, threat Lithuania is facing, stemming from the latest mess that the Russia and Belarus tandem have created, jointly acting against Lithuania, an EU member and a NATO Ally.

The EU, however, doesn’t seem to be responding quite pro-actively to the crisis developing in this Baltic state. Is everyone waiting for the grand launch of Nord Stream 2?

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