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Will a terrorist who fought in Donbas take part in Paralympics?

Russian propagandists are now telling with admiration that Alexander Pashkov, the so-called Cossack, a volunteer military scout who fought in Donbas against Ukraine and is known for killing Ukrainians, being wounded during battles against the Armed Forces of Ukraine and losing a leg in this war, is now preparing to take part at the Paralympic games!

Александр Пашков.jpg

So, let’s repeat this for clarity. Do I understand this correctly? A militant with the 1st Slavic Brigade (Unit 08801), call sign "Sever" (North), member of the Union of Donbas Volunteers, targeted in the SBU inquiry on a number of criminal charges including terrorism and mercenary activity, will be part of Paralympics, right?

Александр Пашков.jpg
Perhaps this is nothing but yet another spin by Russian propaganda, claiming that the “defender” of Donbas is now going to “defend” the “honor” of Russia at the Paralympic Games! They might even not follow up on this dubious story whatsoever...

But maybe it’s not the case? Could it be that Russia, through the Paralympics, is trying to legalize its crippled militants, thousands and thousands of them?

In any case, the issue must be addressed at the highest level.


Александр Пашков.jpg
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