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More and more foreign "pundits" are being involved in lobbying attempts set to promote Sputnik-V

More and more foreign "pundits" and "journalists" are being involved in lobbying attempts set to promote Russia's Sputnik-V corona vaccine.

Given the scale of the campaign in support of the Russian drug, investments in the effort must be truly astonishing.

After a Moscow-based correspondent for The New York Times, Andrew Kramer, told the whole world he has got himself a jab of Sputnik-V, someone who goes by the name of Federico Kukso reportedly claimed in an op-ed for Le Monde Diplomatique that Sputnik V was capable of defeating the COVID-19 pandemic. The claim was immediately picked up by almost all Russian media, most of which didn't fail to mention that the statement came from a European journalist, and even more so – was published by an acclaimed Le Monde Diplomatique.

The thing is though, there's no such article on Le Monde Diplomatique's website. Moreover, there's no such contributor as Federico Kukso.

The op-ed, however, does appear on a Spanish-language Argentinian site Eldiplo.org, which mirrors much of Le Monde Diplomatique's content. So it turns out that in fact, the piece by a "European author" was published by an Argentinian clone of Le Monde Diplomatique. Incidentally, most of the recent material posted by the Latin American publication, laud Vladimir Putin and the Russian vaccine.

So what we have here is actually a blunt promotion stunt for a dubious Russian drug done by Argentina – the county that recently received the Russian vaccine due to the government's corrupt scheming.

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