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Donald Trump & russian Telegram network

Remember, just the other day I was talking about a channel on Telegram network, to which Donald Trump had allegedly switched after being blocked by the world's major social platforms? I also noted that the channel was being massively promoted by other channels, affiliated with the Russian GRU military intelligence
So, as of today, "Trump's channel" has already gained over 500,000 subscribers and keeps circulating info junk on which consumers media fast food consumers munch so restlessly. But that's not even the most outrageous thing.

Six months ago, I pointed at how the NEXTA Telegram channel, which seized the limelight amid coverage of Belarus protests, had also been promoted 24/7 by the same flock of Telegram channels supervised by the GRU, thanks to which it gained over 1 million subscribers in the shortest possible time...
What an interesting coincidence in the marketing efforts by the GRU guys, indeed! While it's obvious that Donald Trump's Telegram channel has nothing to do with the outgoing president of the United States, it has grown serious weight recently to become fit for spinning fake news and manipulating English-speaking audiences, especially in the United States.

In fact, that's pretty much all that Russian provocateurs need these days – to get a proper reach to their target groups.

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