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Russian psy-op "Ukraine's external management" executed by externally-managed party

The Russian conspiracy theory alleging that Ukraine is being "externally managed" is now at the top agenda of a major pro-Russian political force in Ukraine, the Opposition Bloc – for Life.

The latest developments clearly testify to Russia's large-scale and meticulously tailored psy-op being implemented in Ukraine through Moscow's puppet political force.

In its essence, the operation aims at traditional destabilization of Ukraine where Russia intends to sow chaos. This time it's by cultivating the narrative about "external management" of Ukraine by Western partners, in particular the United States. Paradoxically, the OPZZh party itself has always been under this very external management – by Russia. Practically everything that's being voiced by this party's talking heads has been spelled out in the manuals of their hybrid handlers from the north.

Moreover, now the OPZZh has moved from its usual rhetoric on affiliated TV channels to direct action – outside the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv. The "rally" organized by the party was held in tune with similar narratives emanating from Russian lawmakers, which further proves the consistency of the psy-op's implementation both within and beyond Ukraine.

For example, Mikhail Sheremet, a former self-styled "commander of Crimea self-defense" aka Salem, who has since made his way to become a State Duma deputy, spoke of the need to "halt occupation" of Ukraine, which he says is under "external management from overseas." In tune with the Russian narrative, an odious Ukrainian MP Ilya Kiva's voiced the call for release from "external management" affecting the Ukrainian economy.

Of course, any statements by OPZZh speakers allowed to speak publicly can easily be parried, both in terms of economic indicators and the "external management" claim. But the target audience of this kind of psy-ops never cares about figures and factual evidence. They don't care being so blatantly deceived. And this is precisely the point of any quality psy-op – an emphasis on the emotional component without any weighty facts.

In the latest local elections, we saw how the pro-Russian bloc strengthened its positions in a number of regions, pushing down the ruling party. Their Russian handlers saw it, too. In turn, the electoral losses of the ruling party, as well as the stagnation of a number of pro-Ukrainian parties positioning themselves as patriotic, allowed the pro-Russian forces to become even more confident.

It was this, so to say, triumph, that allowed this political force to deploy its anti-state efforts on such a large scale in two fronts at once, sometimes combining them, namely spinning the external control narrative  and lobbying for the supplies of the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine.

Taking into account that almost all of Rusia's psy-ops launch at a strictly defined moment, to exert maximum influence during the period of the greatest vulnerability of a targeted audience to the disseminated message, due to a certain crisis, distress or other circumstances. Against the background of the recent local elections or the second wave of the pandemic, the latest psy-op has been perfectly timed.

The wild mixture of destructive narratives claiming "external management," "desperate need for a Russian vaccine", laid down in the context of "coup d'état" and "nationalists" in Ukraine is being fed to the public following the election, amid the COVID-19 incidence hike, and on the eve of the anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity.

Also, this perfectly timed mix of spins is tied to another factor – the U.S. election where Joe Biden, a very "inconvenient" candidate for the OPZZh's handlers, has won. This factor significantly narrows the party's window of opportunity before the moment when the newly elected U.S. president focuses on the Kremlin, or rather, the bunker outside Moscow, in Novy Ogaryovo. After all, the Dems bear a huge grudge both on Russia and a number of members of that pro-Russian party in Ukraine, headed by Viktor Medvedchuk. Remember all those election meddling efforts through the so-called "Biden tapes?" That's it. Biden's team won't let this one go unpunished.

So yes, the fifth column in Ukraine is becoming in the wake of the current political confrontation, once again posing a real threat to the national security. At the same time, given the conditional deadline that they have – until the inauguration in the U.S. – their further steps could become unpredictable.

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