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GRU talking heads already in Karabakh

I previously reported that as soon as the latest round of escalation erupted in Nagorno-Karabakh, so-called "journalists", directly affiliated with the Russian GRU military intelligence, deployed in the area. It's about war correspondent Alexander Kots and Semyon Pegov. In fact, this was the major marker of the GRU's particular focus on the conflict.

And now, an infamous pop star and supporter of Russian proxy forces Yulia Chicherina has gone there, too.

So what, some may wonder… But the thing is that Ms Chicherina is just as major a marker of GRU's trace in the as Kots or Pegov.

Chicherina was a PR figure promoting the so-called Donbas militia as a music artist, while another celebrity, writer Zakhar Prilepin, represented the literary face of Russia's war against Ukraine. By the way, Chicherina is a member of Prilepin's For Pravda party, GRU's political project.

Actually, Yulia Chicherina, once a showbiz star who has been pulled out of oblivion through political stunts, received access to some areas of the Donbas front line where even some Russian generals weren't allowed to visit. And when the intensity of hostilities subsided, she engaged in outright propaganda as part of Russia's psy-ops targeting Ukraine.

There was a case where she took a selfie allegedly in the Boryspil Airport near Kyiv despite an enforced entry ban. In another ridiculous claim, she allegedly landed on the coast of Odesa as a hardened marine to meet with the local underground. By the way, I debunked this primitive fake story immediately after Chicherina claimed her "visit."

In fact, besides her everyday propaganda efforts, these stunts were part of smaller-scale psy-ops, aimed to denigrate Ukrainian security agencies, portraying them as being allegedly unable to prevent her from entering the Ukrainian territory.

So now, the GRU talking head surfaced in the Stepanakert area where she allegedly came under Azerbaijan artillery fire, but she's supposedly okay. This means that, just like her GRU comrades Kots and Pegov, she has a certain task to fulfill, which I dare suggest have to do with tarring the Azerbaijani side in yet another psy-op by Russia.

By the way, the most interesting thing in this story is that this incident with Chicherina coming under fire as soon as she allegedly entered the Karabakh territory was immediately picked up by almost all popular Telegram channels covering protests in Russia's Khabarovsk. In fact, this is another confirmation not only that the Khabarovsk protest is a GRU project, but also that these projects are linked with the chaos in Belarus, which was promoted by these very platforms.

The GRU keyboard rats expose themselves right in the act, which can't but please me.

Well, just a note to the Azerbaijani side – it's better to immediately ban this lady from your country and monitor her further moves so that any manipulation can be suppressed with facts as soon as possible.

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