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Meet the martyr: Regime's victim or the missing piece in a controlled chaos plot puzzle

In Minsk, in a forest park, literally a day before the largest protest in the capital, the body of a demonstrator was found, hanged under suspicious circumstances.

It seems that the protests in Belarus have found a suitable symbol in the form of a sacred sacrifice. Of course, the topic is not very simple to describe, but it requires maximum emotionlessness and coldness, in order to understand a number of points that are usually neutralized by universal human feelings.

So, on August 22, the body of a 28-year-old demonstrator Nikita Krivtsov, who had disappeared on August 12, was found in a forest park on Green Street. According to the notorious NEXTA channel, the mouthpiece of the "Belarusian protest" (for some reason, NEXTA materials love to disperse resources affiliated with the Russian special services, both hidden and explicit), which has not yet shown a photo or video of the body of the deceased young man, but only referred to “Their sources”, Nikita Krivtsov was severely beaten.

Now, let's take a calm sober look at the sequence of the latest developments.

Since August 9, I have regularly noted that in order to catalyze and radicalize protests in Belarus, a "sacred victim" is needed, a local "George Floyd", to turn peaceful rallies into all-out riots. Throughout this time Moscow-based handlers of unrest, who deploy trained groups of provocateurs to infiltrate the ranks of ordinary Belarusians demanding change, did not have such a victim. Well, people did get killed in street protests, but the circumstances of their deaths didn't fit the role of "revolution" symbols.

One guy threw himself under a paddy wagon, the other died while trying to hurl some explosive device at police. Although Russian propagandists tried to make the latter, Alexander Taraikovsky, this very sacred victim, as he seemed to have died at the hands of riot police, it did not work out.

So, 10 days later, after an activist Nikita Krivtsov went missing, his bruised body was found hanged in a forest park, exactly on the eve of the largest-scale rally scheduled for today, August 23.

Moreover, it's the NEXTA Live Telegram channel that breaks the news – the platform that I personally have more than once caught on spinning manipulative and outright fake news. Remember that sham report about some children allegedly packed in a paddy wagon?...

But, for some reason, I'm more than sure that this time NEXTA is reporting actual horrifying news about the protester's death, albeitg spicing it up with accents beneficial to its Moscow employers, namely, the narrative of Lukashenko's criminal government having tortured and killed Krivtsov...

At the same time, the fact that NEXTA operates from Poland will once again give Lukashenko an opportunity to blabber his "Western trace" claims ...

Of course, Lukashenko's regime deserves a thorough probe but no one can blame Lukashenko for the lack of consistency and logic. So what's the point of killing an activist and hanging the body – with the signs of torture – so that it could be discovered when the protests seem to be cooling down a bit? Why not dispose of the body?

There is no logic in this – unless the protester's death is part of a plot to further radicalize protests, fueling them with the sacred victim news delivered by the Russian handlers of Belarus chaos.

And I won't be surprised at all if this sacred victim will become the symbol of today's rally, while subsequent radicalization due to the emergence of a martyr will be accompanies by some provocative incidents on the border with Poland, Lithuania, and, possibly, Ukraine. That would be a bingo combo for someone!

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