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Belarus to get own anti-Maidan according to Kremlin's plan

Having closely watched the developments in Belarus for more than a week already, I only now start to understand what's been missing in this painfully familiar solitaire game. It would seem almost everything is in place: puppet opposition, information waves spun by the "third party" creating the context benefiting that "third party", combat-ready and well-trained representatives of that "third party", and of course protesters demanding a change of government, confronted by brutal law enforcement agencies. So what's been missing?

This solitaire game has been missing the card of Alexander Lukashenko's supporters, who will also take to the streets of Belarusian cities, thereby creating a precedent for clashes and confrontation. But, as we see, their emergence was just a matter of time as chaos handlers foresaw everything.

Today, at 12:00, a rally will be held at Minsk's Independence Square in support of Alexander Lukashenko. In a language more understandable to many, the so-called Belarusian "Maidan" will get its "anti-Maidan". And this means that the catharsis, of which I wrote just the other day, is approaching...

And now (attention!) comes the most interesting thing: the man behind the Belarusian "anti-Maidan" is Aleksey Dzermant, who refers to himself as political scientist. My readers may not be familiar with this figure, although he played an important role in propaganda streams on the anti-Ukrainian front.

Alexey Dzermant is an expert with the Russian-Belarusian expert club, a regular contributor at the Soyuznoe Gosudarstvo [Union State] magazine, a member of the Russian-Belarusian Druzia-Syabry community of journalists and political scientists. He also contributes to the Russian FAN agency, supervised by the GRU military intelligence, as well as to a number of distinctively Ukraine-phobic cesspools such as Ukraine.ru, Politnavigator, RuBaltic, etc.

It is important to understand that protests against Alexander Lukashenko are being provoked by Russia in support of the pro-Russian opposition, while rallies in Lukashenko's support are also organized by pro-Russian puppets – to confront pro-Russian "political forces".

Thus, we get a complete layout for the total and absolute chaos, followed by the Russian Anschluss of Belarus. As you can see, the manuals have remained the same However, the knowledge of this immutability and the consistency of Moscow's ways of absorbing neighboring territories is of no help to Minsk ... Everything is going according to the Kremlin's plan. People just fail to learn from history...

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