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Belarus protests: "well-known" snipers are ready to engage

Russian information platforms have been spinning the warning of the possible involvement of "unidentified" snipers in Minsk both against protesters and riot police.

Tracking information flows coming from and around the Russian segment of the internet, I can conclude that the false start that we saw early this week will be catalyzed over the weekend. Moreover, this will be done at the cost of victims – and not only among protesters, but also among law enforcement.

Since the middle of this week, a number of Telegram channels, of which we're already well aware, have been persistently pushing the narrative that Belarusian law enforcement had allegedly received a "shoot to kill" order and loaded their guns with live ammunition. As of August 13, these spins have found no confirmation, but continue to unwind by the "reverse" principle, offering an oh-so-boring suggestion of some "western" and/or "Ukrainian" trail.

Telegram channels with "Russian roots" keep accusing the West of masterminding another Ukraine-type Maidan in Belarus, also stressing unverified reports of the possible use of "unidentified snipers" in line with the Ukrainian scenario.

Let me remind you that today, according to official statements, at least a 170-strong group of Russian PMC Wagner mercenaries remains on the Belarus territory. It is obvious that in the next few days shots may be fired in Minsk, killing either a number of protesters or riot police officers, or both. At the same time, referring to shooters as "unidentified" is just pathetic. It's rediculous because they are of the same citizenship as those who were murdering people at Ukraine's Maidan in Kyiv back in 2014.

It is clear that Russian propaganda puts the main emphasis precisely on the West and Ukraine, but the Russian intelligence pundits had made so many embarrassing mistakes over the past couple of years that only ignorant consumers of media fast food, devoid of critical and logical thinking, could believe in such manipulation. It's either media fast food lovers or accomplices of pro-Russian propaganda.

As they say, if you're warned, you're protected. I hope this is true and no fatal shots will ever be fired in Minsk.

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