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Russia "mobilizing" Belarus for 7pm tonight, Aug 10

That's some classic laughing through tears… Russian pseudo-experts affiliated with security agencies, public opinion leaders and other talking heads, information platforms of the Russian-speaking internet's "gray segment", and a mass of Telegram channels that have repeatedly been caught on being administered by the Kremlin's power bloc, have now joined efforts to announce the last, and "most difficult" as they put it, protest rally in Minsk scheduled for 19:00 local time tonight.

That is, absolutely, not minding too much about blowing own cover, this propaganda cesspool is calling on everyone to join the last decisive battle, along with a nationwide strike, scheduled for tomorrow.
Минск протесты.jpg

Moreover, Russian propaganda mouthpieces don't hide the fact that the force they see football fan mobs as the force required at the forefront of protests. Yesterday, it was those fans that were spotted as the main provocateurs, initiating clashes with riot police. Moreover, these propaganda reports put football fans on a par with migrants, Muslims, and, quite unexpectedly, the BLM.

Meanwhile, an information platform called NEXTA, which turned out to be the only source of all video feed from Minsk protests amid a total internet blackout (due to a massive DDos attack) and also spread ridiculous fake news (including about security operatives arresting children and throwing them in a paddy wagon), is now distributing memos on what gear protesters should have handy and what kind of clothes they should preferably be sporting at the rally.
Минск протесты.jpg

NEXTA fake.jpg
All this indicates that the opposition's handlers weren't impressed with the results of the latest protest so they're preparing, now more desperately, attempt No. 2, on a much larger scale. Therefore, there one hell of an action movie tonight, and I'm afraid Belarusian protests will have their own, hybrid "George Floyd". After all, it's now or never for someone.

Who knows, perhaps those Wagner PMC troops that remain at large hiding out somewhere in Belarusian basements have already been brought guns and ammo…

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