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GRU probes "Ukrainian trail" in foiled Belarus coup organized by… GRU

Russian propaganda media, operating under the auspices of defense ministry and military intelligence, are desperately attempting to put blame on Ukraine for the botched coup d'état in Belarus.

It took exactly a week for Russian intelligence to design an "investigation" aimed to shift public focus away from Russia's participation in the Belarus coup effort through the Wagner PMC mercenaries, arrested by Minsk security operatives. What they're clumsily trying to do is to divert attention to some kind of "Ukrainian trail", claiming that the whole story was Ukraine's "provocation".

The most ridiculous part here is that the burden of spinning this "investigation" fell not on some pseudo-liberal outlet or pseudo-opposition journalist, but on the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper working under direct auspices of the Russian Ministry of Defense, as well as a GRU operative Alexander Kots, who refers to himself as "journalist".

So the GRU guy authors for the Komsomolskaya Pravda a sensationalist piece on how the failed GRU mission in Belarus was actually a successful operation of Ukrainian security forces.

One thing is true though in this "investigation": Russian mercenaries were indeed exploited in a false flag operation. They did realize the tasks they were supposed to perform in Belarus, while not fully understanding who ordered the job, who stood behind the whole thing.

After all, when we say PMC Wagner, we automatically imply the FSB. But the group detained in Belarus had actually been hired by a rival agency – the GRU. It was the GRU who was last year assigned the task to supervise the Belarus sector, and that's exactly why almost any Belarusian "opposition" figure has some GRU-affiliated PR expert or advisor behind them.

Also, on a separate note, Kots's investigation is in fact a huge insult to Russian diplomacy (of which of course no one can speak without a bit of sarcasm).

Let's recall how things unfolded after the arrest of Russian mercenaries: Russian diplomats immediately claimed the group had been transiting via Belarus to Sudan, and then changed in their reports the group's alleged destination for Turkey and Venezuela. So could it be that Russian diplomats were in possession of disinformation fabricated by Ukraine's security agency SBU? How easy it turns out for the Ukrainian secret services to manipulate Russia's diplomatic elite…

Well, in the end, the most important thing is that even average readers of the Komsomolskaya Pravda propaganda outlet notice in the latest piece aimed to tar Ukraine was glued together just way too hastily and clumsily. The "investigation" by Alexander Kots assumes that some insidious Ukrainian special services have played naive Russian mercenaries like puppies. After all, it stems from the report, that Wagner mercenaries never even specified who their employer was, signed a contract with no advance payment whatsoever, and didn't bother to get life and health insurance paperwork done (if they did though, they would definitely be aware of their employer's name by checking out banking data), and so on… Could anyone be fooled into believing that hardened fighters, with vast experience in Russia's military missions across the globe would ever fall for this kind of scam?

The GRU guy's probe fails to stand up to the slightest criticism, but after a failure comparable to the fiasco in Montenegro, it's vital for Russia to create "white noise" in the media field and shift public attention away from its crime. But, as is always the case with the Russians, their dodging is too unprofessional. And the fact they hired the GRU operative to whitewash GRU's own failure is even more telling!

Come on guys, try harder…

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