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Whose interests Emmanuel Macron protects in Libya

The President of France, who came to power as a young, energetic counterbalance to the old world order, in which Europe openly gave in to the chaos sown by Russia, instilled some hope as a locomotive of cardinal changes and a symbol of checks and balances. However, as time has shown, the rhetoric of Emmanuel Macron became latently pro-Russian, while a number of his actions, in essence, indulge the aggressive foreign policy on the part of the Russian Federation. A bright spot on a litmus test, exposing the external strategy of Mr Macron, was Libya.

recently, the French president condemned Turkey's actions in Libya and spoke very ambiguously about another participant in the conflict, which is Russia.

In particular, Emmanuel Macron accused Turkey of violating the arms embargo for Libya – it is about Ankara's support for the Government of National Accord (officially recognized at the international level and by the UN), which the French president labeled as "criminal".

In turn, recalling the Russian mercenaries in Libya, Emmanuel Macron only spilled slight criticism of Russia. And that was it.

That is, speaking of Turkey, Macron recalled the supply of arms, the embargo, and Turkish military advisers, but when it came to Russia, it seemed that Moscow isn't doing anything like that, only sending some fighters to Libya. That is, Emmanuel Macron, who supports the Libyan National Army of Khalifa Haftar, whom Russia supports, either didn't see, or didn't want to see, hundreds of Libyans tortured to death in Tarhuna, those mass graves in places controlled by the LNA and Wagner PMC, Russian weapons and equipment in service with Haftar's units, and the uncontrolled printing of the Libyan cash money for LNA at the Moscow Mint. And how come Macron turned a blind eye to the whole contingent of the Russian armed forces, those Pantsir air defense systems and bombers deployed from Russia through Syria?

Of course, someone might recall the history of colonial France and note that Macron, like any revenge-seeker, cultivates the interests of the Republic in accordance with its post-colonial claims. But, it seems that for the sake of ephemeral post-colonial revanche, Macron is willing to collaborate with the last remaining tyrant on the European bridgehead, president of the rogue country, a war criminal and dictator Vladimir Putin. It seems that Monsieur Macron, for the sake of some dubious goals, has already got himself drenched in from head to toe in some very bad-smelling fertilizer, to put it mildly.

By the way, it is surprising that Macron forgot to mention in his statements that the war criminal Khalifa Haftar, whom he supports along with the Russians, has every chance of finding himself in the dock of the Hague court. That's not to mention his allies.

So, yes, Emmanuel Macron pursues in Libya primarily the interests of France. But the efforts are just too ugly and not in favor of the Republic itself, which is being tarred by own negligent president's actions

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