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Voting for constitutional amendments in Russia: shame and laughter through tears (Photos)

The vote has turned into a ridiculous spectacle.

Yesterday, right after the pompous Victory Parade, in violation of all standards of epidemiological safety, the long-awaited (first of all by President Putin) popular vote on constitutional amendments launched. And over the past day, social networks were flooded literally with hundreds, thousands of photos and videos of how this vote is ongoing, thereby making it clear how "fair and legitimate" it will be.

The fact is that the Russian authorities decided that during the coronavirus pandemic, polling stations should not be prepared for voting, taking into account all anti-epidemiological measures, ensuring the electorate’s safety indoors, instead opting for making people cast ballots outside As a result, the "polling stations" are simply … ludacrous!
Голосование в России.jpg

The decisive, vital and pretty much fate-determining vote is seeing people cast ballots: on car trunks, benches, stumps, at playgrounds, intersections, bus stops, and in buses ...

Russian authorities did not even bother to set up at least special tents for voting. And this is the XXI century Russia, claiming a role of  a great power and a place in global geopolitics!

What a shame though! Even in the dashing 1990s, albeit humiliated and impoverished, people voted with dignity. In Putin's Russia, however, people from being just obedient slaves, were transformed into cattle. But along with this laughter through tears you understand that in such conditions, falsifications of the vote will be simply monstrous. And therefore, this shame is beneficial to the Russian authorities.

Indeed, thanks to this format of voting, the turnout will be good, and the votes will be distributed as needed. And you know, who can guarantee that the Kremlin chief will not enjoy this option of voting? Perhaps, in the future, all votes will be cast outdoors. What? It's good for health, they say!

And in conclusion, I would like to note that, taking into account how this vote goes, I don't think that the international community should recognize it. De facto, Russia will soon live according to the Constitution adopted as a result of the unconstitutional clowning, that is, de jure, without the Constitution as such! Therefore, talking about this state in the legal sense,/ no longer makes sense.

But for me it is interesting which of the representatives of the political elite will be the first to call Vladimir Putin and congratulate him on the successful holding of the vote for his immortality?

Голосование в России по поравкам в Конституцию.jpg

Голосование в России по поравкам в Конституцию Саратов.jpg

Голосование в России по поравкам в Конституцию Саратов 2.jpg

Голосование в России по поравкам в Конституцию Саратов 1.jpg

Голосование в России по поравкам в Конституцию Бурятия.jpg

Голосование в России по поравкам в Конституцию Бурятия 1.jpg

Голосование в России по поравкам в Конституцию 2.jpg

Голосование в России по поравкам в Конституцию 1.jpg

Голосование в России ИУ60.jpg

Голосование в России ИУ 53.jpg
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