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Complete disregard for health safety precautions at Russia's victory day parade rehearsals (Photos)

Russian authorities keep ignoging even the basic anti-coronavirus measures during victory day parade rehearsals ongoing across country.

During the previous rehearsal of the pompous event, before it was postponed from May 9 to June 24, participating troops military hadn't been provided face masks, let alone gloves or goggles.

As a result, thousands of Russian soldiers contracted the virus, including those who didn't take part in the rehearsal, onlybeing unfortunate enough to live in the same barracks with those that did.

Russian authorities and propaganda media now claim that the latest rehearsal was different as everyone was allegedly wearing masks and even gloves. But it seems that this is unlikely to save Russian military from yet another spike of COVID-19 cases in army ranks.

More and more photos are emerging across social networks showing that things weren't as smooth as reported regarding PPE.

Rather revealing is a photo shot at the rehearsal in St. Petersburg. In this photo, 45 faces are clearly seen of marching troops, of whom 34 have pulled down their masks, either uncovering the nose, or all the way down the chin.
Парад Санкт-Петербург.jpg
What's also important is that many disposable masks, it is seen, are so worn off they've already turned grey from dust and dirt. It might as well be that the troops were provided a single mask to wear for the entire period of rehearsals.

Here's another indicative pic from St. Petersburg rehearsal, this time showing military servicewomen obviously joining the game of COVID-19 Russian roulette.
Парад Санкт-Петербург.jpg
If you think you've seen it all, here's another couple of photos, also from St Petersburg…

Парад Санкт-Петербург.jpg


Парад 0.jpg

Парад 1.jpg
It seems that the army has enough PPE to show off in news reports, while everything is done the old school way during actual rehearsals. So no one can truly imagine the possible consequences for the participants in Putin's fetish event.

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