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In Russia, vote on constitutional amendments turning into massive illegitimate fraud

The upcoming referendum set to be held in Russia July 1 to amend the country's Constitution is predetermined to be both falsified and illegitimate.

It's exactly two weeks until Russians will be urged to go to the polls to cast a life-changing vote on the issue of amending the Constitution of the Russian Federation. That's the country, which, after the collapse of the USSR, gave many Russians eager for change a certain hope that they would eventually come closer to a civilized community, rather than keep struggling through their slave lives under a new name…

However, taking into account Russia's phased and deliberate transformation into a North Korea-type regime where lives of average Russians aren't valued, which is clearly seen amid the coronacrisis, citizens seem to be facing a dark future with the same old slavery in place.

Against the backdrop of systemic lies about the actual COVID-19 spread figures, as well as the widespread imposition on people's minds the expected results of the vote, Russians, perhaps, are opening their eyes to their actual status of powerless losers. Two weeks ahead of the vote, Russian stores are already selling new editions of the Russian Constitution. Is that some time travel thing or what? No one has even cast their votes yet, but that new edition is already on book shelves!
Новая Конституция РФ.jpg
Meanwhile, anonymous polls conducted on social networks, including those that are originally Russian-made and monitored by security agencies, as well as surveys carried out by respected organizations, explicitly show the actual attitudes to the upcoming referendum.
Новая Конституция РФ.jpg
Unbelievably, it appears that citizens have no trust left in Russian authorities!

So what do you think the Kremlin will do about it? Everything is quite simple. Russia is about to witness the most ambitious fraud in its modern history. Incidentally, it's not only Russian citizens who will be part of that falsification but also those living in the occupied territories, who will be asked or forced to also go to the polls. This will therefore make the vote totally illegitimate.

So Russians are about to receive a new version of Constitution adopted in a sham referendum, which will see both vote manipulation and ballots cast by voters with void passports.

Dear Russians, welcome to North Korea 2.0. A two-week countdown is on.

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