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Echo of Moscow in mob showdown in Dijon

In the past few days, a tranquil French town of Dijon has become a bubbling epicenter of criminal showdowns, making it to front pages and TV prime time both in the French and, unsurprisingly, Russian media.  Most notably though is that the protagonists of the skirmishes that shocked the town and the wider area around it came from Chechnya and the Maghreb community.

It should be noted that for many years, Russian intelligence agencies have been riding the tide of the stream of refugees from the Middle East and Russia's North Caucasus region. They aimed both to deploy to Europe own agents posing as those suffering from Russian government persecution and to set up a bunch of sleeping extremist cells in a prosperous EU.

Many of the "refugees" who crossed into Europe during the period of escalation in Syria after the Russian military joined the conflict on the side of Bashar Assad, were in fact Syrian security agents and even ISIS members.

In turn, many radical Islamist groups, including ISIS, received financial, military-technical support, as well as manpower, from Russia.  Hezbollah, the Taliban, and ISIS, are just a small list organizations that have and continue to receive assistance from Russia in one form or another.

In turn, Europe's compassionate human rights defenders helped stay many of the so-called "persecuted activists" who claimed had been under threat in Russia.  The thing is though that in their ranks Russia has planted their loyal assets. They later joined Muslim communities across Europe and, enjoying unlimited financial support from the Russian intelligence, these agents of influence very quickly gained respect among locals, climbed up the hierarchical ladder, and started to successfully exert influence on their communities.

So, taking advantage of the fairly loyal attitude of the EU countries towards immigrants, as well as Europe's hypertrophic tolerance, Russia has flooded Europe with its agents of various types - ranging from spies to straight down criminals able to do pretty much any dirty job, while pursuing a single, common goal, which is destabilization and sowing chaos.

At the same time, more destabilizing elements from conflict zones keep penetrating Europe. They get there through classical human trafficking crossborder routes led by Serbian guides who have already brought tens of thousands of Syrians, fleeing from war, to Hungary, from where a mix of Kremlin agents, including staff army officers, undercover assets, and Bashar's blood-thirsty security operatives, mobsters, extremists and terrorists from ISIS and similar organizations, have made it into Western Europe.

And now there's no surprise that even such a peaceful, quiet town as Dijon is in every headline of latest reports on street violence.

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