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Russia on verge of epidemiologic abyss, while craving to hold parade at any cost

Russian authorities are moving to further ease quarantine restrictions despite the fact that the official statistics on the spread of coronavirus are not decreasing.

This is not my first piece devoted to the coronavirus in Russia and the Kremlin’s frenzied reckless intention to hold this pompous, primarily propaganda-driven event, where honoring the memory of those killed in World War II is far from the main objective - the parade on Moscow's Red Square.  And every time I get back to this topic due to the new emerging reports from open sources on the epidemiological situation in Russia.

For example, according to official figures, which, as you know, even Russians don't trust, in Moscow, the number of corona-related deaths exceeded 3,000.

Yesterday, 59 covid-19 deaths were reported in the Russian capital.  The patients were diagnosed with pneumonia before corona tests showed positive results. The total number of covid-19 deaths in Moscow increased to 3,029.

As of the morning of June 9, Russia reported 8,595 new coronavirus cases in 83 regions. Of these, 1,572 cases were reported in Moscow and 739 in Moscow region.  Another 171 deaths were recorded.  In total, the incidence number has reached 485,253 in 85 regions, including 6,142 fatalities.

Meanwhile, starting today, June 9, Moscow lifts the system of digital passes and self-isolation regime for elderly and chronically ill, allowing beauty salons, photo studios, recruiting agencies, and city cemeteries to reopen.

Moreover, all these concessions are made not so much because the epidemiological situation has improved, but rather to create among citizens the feeling that the country is exiting the quarantine.  Although, again, Russia's restrictions mode was never named "quarantine", not to stress out the already distresses Russian minds on the eve of the parade and the inevitable vote on amendments to the Constitution.

It's not only a clear, flashy imbalance in the stats of coronavirus spread and mortality across Russia, as well as peculiar distribution (for example, Moscow suddenly started to recover immediately after the authorities announced a new date for the parade) and isolation of entire cities where new outbreaks are recorded that signal a collapsing situation in the country.

Recently, the Federal Security Service, engaged in ensuring the security of the President, isolated the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill, for two weeks.  This was due to the fact that on June 22, he will personally open the main church of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.  The president will also attend the event, which implies direct contacts with the patriarch.  That is, there is no confidence in the safety of these contacts, and it is possibly due to the fact that the Russian clergy, from the bottom to the top of the Russian Orthodox Church, is literally convulsing from COVID-19.

And the fact that Vladimir Putin fled from Moscow to hide in his Novo-Ogaryovo bunker, where he's been staying to this day since the date when the quarantine was announced in the Russian Federation (which was essentially not announced), emphasized his cowardice (after all, even when the Luftwaffe bombed Moscow during WW2, the Soviet leadership never left the capital), as well as the scale of disaster.

So we are now seeing preparations for the parade, which will become a prelude to the vote. It's about celebrating Victory over Nazi Germany, as well as “victory” over coronavirus, and victory over common sense, the last grains of democracy and freedom, before celebrations of victory over life will begin.  But it's not the Russians who will be celebrating afterwards but rather the Apocalyptic quartet.

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