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Viktor Medvedchuk storming UN platform with ridiculous claims of "biowarfare labs in Ukraine"

When members of the pro-Russian "Opposition Platform - For Life" party and other pro-Kremlin operatives in Ukrainian politics started spinning boogeyman stories about the "US military bacteriological laboratories" in Ukraine a few months ago, this, of course, was perceived as an element of the info war being waged on Ukrainian soil by the local fifth column, which was still more like a provincial circus gig.

When this circus was aired by one of the country's too rated TV channels, 1+1, the degree and seriousness of the task being implemented by Kremlin puppets acquired a more frightening shape.

Today, Medvedchuk's clowning about the "US military bacteriological labs" in Ukraine has gone international. One of the leaders of the pro-Russian party said the political force had sent to the United Nations an inquiry concerning 15 US biowarfare laboratories in Ukraine.

Of course, you don't need a crystal ball to foresee what kind of response Medvedchuk will receive from the UN.  But, in fact, despite all ridiculousness, the stunt may serve Medvedchuk's medium- and long-term goals.

It's no secret that since last year Viktor Medvedchuk has been urged by his Kremlin handlers to gain foot in the international arena of big politics. They sought to impose on him a role of a "peacemaker", without whom not a single issue could be settled with occupation authorities in Donbas. However, such attempts yielded little result as no one but Kremlin-paid marginal populists seemed to be interested in Putin's crony Medvedchuk.

In the current game, he has been assigned a slightly different role - that of a truth seeker, spitting conspiracy theories, recently so popular on both sides of the Pond.

The thing is that, no matter how stupid and devoid of common sense those US biowarfare labs may seem, they can still quite effectively trampoline Medvedchuk to the UN level, albeit for a short moment, but enough to further exploitat this experience in future projects of the pro-Russian politician.

So the story of the "US military biolabs in Ukraine" is not only a demoralizing and defamatory element of the information war, but also a springboard for Viktor Medvedchuk, who is having trouble gaining access to the international arena.

It's rather interesting, however, to see how such attempts will be perceived in Washington.  Recall that earlier, US State Department official George Kent noted that the fake report about the alleged American biowarfare labs in the Ukrainian media were initiated by Viktor Medvedchuk.

After that, the SBU security service urged politicians not to disseminate fake information about any "foreign biological laboratories" in Ukraine.

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