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Coronavirus in Russia: Epidemiological disaster figures

Official figures on the coronavirus spread across Russia and the COVID-19 death toll raise serious doubts.

Head of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Dagestan, Jamaludin Hajiyibragimov, recently noted that more than 40 medics in the republic died from pneumonia and coronavirus. At the same time, the chief health official noted that the numbers of patients with the coronavirus and pneumonia are recorded separately, due to the fact that there's no lab in the republic able to confirm corona.

Well, such confessions amid the official figures that are being reported by government push us to unequivocal conclusions about the real extent of the spread of COVID-19 in Dagestan – and throughout the Russian Federation.

First of all, let me once again remind you that it's not only the Russians, seeing the concealment of real numbers, who express concern about the system of determining the causes of death in Russia, but also the Western media. Obviously, while authorities, in their efforts to conceal the truth record as causes of death diseases like pneumonia, influenza, cancer, or heart attacks catalyzed by the coronavirus, this doesn't cancel out the very problem.

And now let's get to numbers. But first, let me remind you the "Memory List" says 192 medics died from the novel coronavirus throughout Russia as of today. At the same time, 31 COVID-19 deaths were recorded  in Dagestan. Therefore, Jamaludin Hajiyibragimov's statement about 40 pneumonia and coronavirus deaths is partly true, but with a major shift towards the corona.

But there's more.

According to minister, 13,697 cases of both COVID-19 and community-acquired pneumonia were diagnosed in Dagestan. At the same time, 657 people in Dagestan died from community-acquired pneumonia, while only 27 patients – from coronavirus! That is, it appears that more doctors died from coronavirus in Dagestan than patients? Logic is clearly not friends with common sense there.

But if we take pneumonia mortality on the example of just Dagestan, one of the 85 Russian regions, from pneumonia (recall that pneumonia is one of the main COVID-19 complications), along with the official COVID-19 mortality (27), we get 684 cases in total. If we take into account the fact that Russian coroners are instructed to report as cause of death background chronic diseases rather than the coronavirus itself, we can safely suggest nearly 1,000 deaths in Dagestan.

A real shocker, right? And it's not so much about the incidence rate in one given region of the Russian Federation but rather about the very scale of lies. But even if we take the average figure of 300 and project it into 85 regions across Russia, we will get more than 24,000 COVID-19 deaths across country. And you know what? This number seems to be far more legit.

After all, Russia has long reached the level of Italy – and even surpassed it. If one believes the official corona stats for Russia as of May 17, the daily increase amounted to 9,709 cases, bringing the total to 281,752 with 2,631 deaths. Now, let's have logic make friends with common sense…

If we take the average level of 300 coronavirus deaths and divide it by the officially-announced 27 fatalities for Dagestan, we get 11.1. Then, multiplying the official mortality stats throughout Russia, 2,631, by that 11.1 coefficient, we get 29,233, which is much closer to the Italian death rate.

In fact, this is exactly the approximate coronavirus death toll in Russia. That's unless a very important circumstance is taken into account: Russia has long surpassed Italy in the scale of the epidemic.

But Putin doesn't need such numbers as in June he hopes to officially formalize his ultimate enthronement...

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