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Holders of Russian passports posing as Donbas representatives at Minsk talks: Guess who profits

In the negotiation of a trilateral contact group on Donbas settlement it turns out Russian citizens repeesent two sides.

Not so long ago, representatives of Ukraine, participating in the negotiation process on the Donbas issue, suggested involving IDPs living in territories not occupied by Russia.  This idea then caused outrage and indignation in the areas controlled by Russia through its proxies.

For example, the self-styled head of the so-called foreign ministry of the unrecognized "DPR", Natalya Nikonorova, said IDPs could not represent the interests of Donbas residents, as they channel those of Kyiv.  She went on to demand that dialogue should be conducted with representatives of "the republics".
Боевик ДНР.jpg

Her “colleague”, the so-called foreign minister of the unrecognized "LPR", Vladislav Deinogo, echoed her, stating that Kyiv's proposal was “another attempt” to replace the dialogue with “a kind of surrogate formed from among“ IDPs from Donbas ”convenient for the Ukrainian authorities, those who fled in due time."

Actually, the idea is clear.  Representatives of the so-called “republics” seek that the dialogue be conducted exclusively with them, not IDPs who “escaped” from the “promising and prosperous” Donbas.

But, what's most interesting is that neither "official" is a "citizen" of those quasi republics let alone internationally recognized.

Both Nikonorova and Deinego are in fact holders of Russian passports!

So when the meeting of the TCG began on May 14 and the so-called "representatives" of the certain areas of Donbas joined in, it turned out that the Ukrainian side was in dialogue with the two sets of Russians - from Russia and from Donbas.

Today, copies of Russian passports of the mentioned persons are already in the public domain.

Funny fact: when Ukrainian representatives refused further negotiations because of such a glaring circumstance, Russia' envoy Boris Gryzlov claimed that the Ukrainian side refused to negotiate with representatives of the so-called “DPR” and “LPR”  .  Although it is obvious that the reason was completely different - the absence of representatives of the “DPR” and “LPR” as such, and Boris Gryzlov is well aware of this.

So here's a dissonance.  How can Deinego and Nikonorova, now Russian citizens, oppose the participation of IDPs in the negotiation process and represent the interests of the occupied Ukrainian territories if they have obtained ctizenship of another state? A paradox?  No, it's the realities of the occupation.
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