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Humanitarian adventures of Russian military and ridiculous effort toward legalization of occupied Cr

Starting yesterday, Russian media started covering yet another "humanitarian" stunt set up by the Russian defense officials. This time, nearly 170 tonnes of cargo was pompously delivered to the Syrian province of Hasakah. And judging by the fact that it was Colonel Maxim Gerasimov, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics of the Russian military grouping in Syria, who was the herald of the latest news, we can conclude that the "assistance" was provided along the lines of the Russian Defense Ministry.

It might seem there's no breaking news in this story. After all, Russia has delivered another batch of cargo it calls "humanitarian aid", which in fact aims to feed own propaganda machine and pose before the entire world as merciful saviors. However, in fact, not everything is that simple in the latest episode.

It was recently revealed that Russian defense officials intended to use the Russian occupation administration in Crimea as a front for sending the Syria batch.

The Flot-2017 online resource published documents confirming that the Russian Ministry of Defense intended to attract occupation authorities in Crimea to transfer humanitarian aid to Syria. This thing is that firstly, Russian defense officials have no right to organize and conduct humanitarian actions and charity events, being a state structure. And secondly, this was an attempt to legalize the occupied Crimea in the international arena.

Moreover, it was initially assumed that the cargo would be sent to Italy, but this destination was a no-go as the previous propaganda effort failed. And therefore, the puppet bridgehead was chosen that would be under full control of Russia. That's Syria

At the same time, the dispatch of humanitarian aid through the occupied Crimea will not initially be advertised through media platforms before the "good" news gains wider coverage.

It is precisely this arrangement that we're observing today as there's no mention so far of Crimea in reports on Russia's aid to Syria. And only after a bunch of videos and photos are uploaded on social networks of the joyful faces of Syrian children hugging the same "Masha" doll across all filming scenes will Russian media start channeling the narrative about the Crimea role in the mission.

But, nevertheless, the "legalization" stunt is rather weak, come to think about it. After all, this isn't Italy. It's Syria that's been chosen as an appropriate site, with its tyrannical ruler, who's been drowning his people blood, remaining the Kremlin's faithful puppet. The occupation of Crimea might as well be "legalized" through Transnistria, Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, North Korea, Venezuela or another rogue state or unrecognized territory. It will still remain though just a circus gig for peripheral consumers of fastfood info.

So it's just too boring, ladies. Try harder, for God's sake! Can you?

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