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Russia's humanitarian hypocrisy

The recipients of Russian "humanitarian aid" always have to pay for it and tend to find most of it useless.

This week, Russia's initially controversial "humanitarian aid" to other countries, allegedly provided to combat the coronavirus, gained new colors that underlined the degree of the Kremlin's hypocrisy.

This has already been a known fact that it was not "humanitarian" cargo that Russia delivered to the United States – those supplies were supposed to be paid for. The latest reports name the price tag: it's $600,000.

That is exactly how much Russia demanded from the United States for the cargo delivered, which included forty-five 220 V (!) ventilators, as well as supplies that were never suitable to be used to combat COVID-19. We are talking about thousands of items, such as chemical warfare-type gas masks and household gloves, many of which have remained unpacked.

Thus, not only did Russia make $600,000 on this "help", it actually delivered mostly useless items.

Further it became known that Russia for its "help" to Italy (which wasn't free of charge, by the way) demanded that Rome influence the issue of EU sanctions lifting. So much for an act of selfless aid...

By the way, let me remind you what Italian journalists found out: 80% of Russian aid also turned out to be useless.

That is, an interesting pattern is being observed of Russia profiting off of medical supplies, while posing as "saviors", who even supply tend to supply stuff the recipients don't actually need!

Some may argue that this isn't true as Russia supplied to the U.S. a total of 45 ventilators (although some voltage compatibility issues ensued).

So 45 ventilators out of thousands of unfit items sold to the United States, did come in handy.

Meanwhile, on April 22, a batch of 50 Faza-5NR ventilators worth RUB 6 million was delivered to the infectious ward of Vladimir’s Hospital No. 6. As it turned out, their shelf life expired more than 15 years ago.

These days, video hosting services are full of appeals recorded by Russian medics complaining about their poor labor conditions and a catastrophic situation with the epidemic and even basic PPE for themselves. In some cases, compaints turn into tragic action...

On April 26, chief physician at the Krasnoyarsk hospital "fell out of the window" after a conference via video link on re-profiling the clinic to treat Covid-19 patients. After the incident, her bio was altogether deleted from the website of the Ministry of Health's Krasnoyarsk office.

And today came another report of a tragic incident involving a coronavirus response medic. An ambulance doctor from the Novousmanskaya hospital in Voronezh region, Alexander Shulepov, plunged to his death from the window. Reports claim the medic had been diagnosed with the coronavirus and also recorded with his colleague, Alexander Kosyakin, a video, uploaded on social networks, complaining that Shulepov wasn't put on quarantine despite the infection and was forced to keep doing shifts. Also, Kosyakin claimed ambulance teams had not been provided with PPE.

These are the realities of the Russian Federation, the country acting as if it's "helping" others out, while billing the recipients, demanding loyalty in return for eventually turns out to be junk. Meanwhile, the country is sliding into a horrifying and colossally deep abyss.

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