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Russia's master class on "beating" coronavirus mortality

Day after day, Russia is breaking its own records in coronavirus incidence. Over the past day, Russia reported 10,633 new cases, bringing a total to 134,687, including 1,280 deaths (58 over past 24 hours).

Many have shared these data, but few seem to have considered how absurd the figures are. Media coverage admits a growing rate, but not everything is so simple.

Just yesterday, in my piece The scale of Russia's coronavirus spread concealment revealed in Sakha, I wrote about Yakutia top leadership spilling the beans on the actual situation in the region regarding the COVID-19 spread. It wasn't even about the entire region but only a single gas extraction site – the Chayandinskoye field – operated by Gazprom. Earlier, workers went on strike there, even blocking a highway in protest against poor labor conditions amid the epidemic. And then, once another batch of Russia stats was released, a new episode of Kremlin hypocrisy was exposed.

Social networks and blogs – just as was the case with Sakha – are the main platforms where more and more reports are emerging on how Russia maintains one of the world's lowest coronavirus mortality rates at below 1% amid incidence spikes.

The fact is that Russian medics are told to report as "cause of death" those underlying medical conditions triggered in coronavirus victims. So patients in Russia are reported dying from hepatitis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, renal failure or other causes – but not from coronavirus. Also, hospital records could also state pneumonia, flu and other respiratory infections...

And therefore it is not surprising that with a daily increase in the incidence at over 10,000 cases, the daily death toll stands at a mere 58… Once again I'd like to stress the imminent: the data on the COVID-19 epidemic period will be archived as top secret, like all other files testifying to Kremlin crimes against their own people.

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