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Moscow makes Donetsk "capital of world separatism"

Russia transfers the venue of annual gatherings of separatists from around the world to the occupied Donetsk.

For quite a long time, Moscow has been organizing various events, convening representatives of separatist movements from around the globe. These events were fully consistent with Russia's foreign political agenda, while granting Moscow the informal title of the "capital of world separatism".

In 2015, under the auspices of the Russian Presidential Fund, Moscow hosted a forum titled "Dialogue of Nations. The Right of Nations to Self-determination and Construction of a Multipolar World" which cost some RUB 2 million. Top players of separatist movements from around the world flocked into Moscow's President Hotel, including leaders of the Northern Ireland's Sinn Fein, supporters of independent Catalonia, Front Polisario from Western Sahara, a representative of the European Communist Party, and Russian puppets from the so-called "LPR-DPR", of course!

And they gathered all for just one purpose, to scold the then-U.S. President Barack Obama and praise Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

In 2016, this meeting was held again, this time costing RUB 3.5 million. Separatists gathered at the Ritz Carlton Moscow Hotel, and pretty much the same faces were spotted, with a few new figures emerging, includng representatives of Lebanon's Al-Marada party, the "king" of Hawaii, and the representative of Somaliland.

Actually, this went on from year to year, but now came the report that the next gathering of the so-called "anti-globalist movement" will be held in the occupied Donetsk!

However, the report adds, this will be a semi-secret event, which will have no such status as "conference" or "congress". The parties will instead hold an online forum. Once again, the same circle of participants are set to virtually attend: separatists from Catalonia, Puerto Rico, the Sinn Fein guys, Somaliland, a self-styled "DPR" representative Johan Beckman, and other members of the Russian puppet pool.

So, in fact, Russia handed Donetsk the title of the "capital of world separatism". Perhaps the move was due to the fact that annually convening in Moscow this international junk, accommodating those people in posh hotels, feeding and entertaining them, as well as handing out hefty bonuses for participation, was at first a useful and efficient endeavor, but as oil prices fall and crisis deepens, such expenses are becoming unfeasible.

Besides, no other world capital that has at least some self-respect would arrange such events. Even in Somalia's  Mogadishu, holding such a gathering would be unrealistic as it would most probably end with mass arrests of participants. However, Moscow didn't have any problem with that, apparently!

But apparently, even the Kremlin's propagandists are no longer okay with the fact that the figures with an extremely dubious reputation and questionable international weight, unlike, for example, the Taliban's representatives who create a significant imbalance of forces in the region, require so much attention and demand such expenditures.

And therefore, it was decided to send them off from the expensive capital as far as possible. And there is no better place than the unrecognized "DPR". Moreover, this will allow propagandists to claim that "a large international delegation of political representatives from around the world has paid a visit to the capital of an independent, young republic!" What a major recognition, right?

Now the global pandemic did the Kremlin's infowar pundits a favor, so the conference will most likely be held online. So it won't even be necessary to pay any accommodation fees in "five-star" Donetsk hotels, stinking of cheap smokes and vomit, as well as cover expenses on on expired canned food and contrafact vodka from the neighboring "LPR".

And therefore, Russian sponsors managed to sink even deeper the already lame status of that "anti-globalist" movement, which was already perceived solely as a bunch of clowns. It's still interesting though how Russian talking heads will be covering this "massive" event.

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