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Russian puppets in EU once again call for sanction lift

Just the other day, describing the goals Russia is pursuing while providing its pseudo-humanitarian assistance to Italy, the USA, and Serbia, also imposing it on other countries under any pretext, I mentioned their intention to influence decisions on easing or lifting sanctions, especially to the accompaniment of the coronavirus spread, molding for itself the image of "holy saviors".

However, well aware of the tough position of the world community on the issue, in particular, about the impossibility of easing or lifting sanctions until Russia withdraws from the occupied territories of Donbas and Crimea, these efforts are not currently dominant.  Nevertheless, maintaining the necessary narratives in the information space, especially targeting the highest political circles of the EU, remains vital for the Kremlin.

And I'm not at all surprised that Europe has again started talking about the need to lift sanctions off of Russia.  The message is being voiced through the mouths of experts from an organization called ICG, headquartere in the heart of the EU, Brussels.

So, this analytical group published a report in which it noted that Europe should make concessions to the Kremlin and lift sanctions, because such a move, they claim, could stop the war in Donbas!

The report of this group, in fact, justifies Russia's aggression against Ukraine, which claimed thousands of lives and crippled tens of thousands of fates.  It justifies the fact that the Russian Federation unleashed the war simply because it says it fears for its security.

ICG also believes that Western partners should not supply Ukraine with weapons if this doesn't change the balance of power.

Some frankly absurd statements, especially about the security of Russia ... Perhaps it was precisely due to fears for its security that Russia took part in the hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh, Transnistria, occupied part of Georgia, deployed aviation to level hundreds of villages and cities in Syria, supported Khalifa Haftar in Libya and Nicholas Maduro in Venezuela, regularly conducting special operations, acts of sabotage and hired murders, including in Europe, and committing many other crimes around the world.  It’s all just because they don't feel safe ...

But, most interestingly, the ICG report, in its context, completely echoes the infamous report "12 Steps toward Greater Security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic Region", inked by a group of European, Russian and Ukrainian experts and published on the website of the Munich Conference.  However, that report was hastily removed from the conference website, as it had no official status, while fully representing the "Russian point of view" on the settlement of the "Ukrainian issue".

And somehow I'm not at all surprised that an organization such as ICG took the Russian "12 Steps toward Greater Security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic Region” as the basis of its report.  That's because ICG employs very peculiar experts, whose bias is beyond doubt.

For example, Andrei Kortunov, General Director of the Russian Council on Foreign Affairs, funded from the federal budget, an alumnus of MGIMO, the higher educational facility overseen by the Soviet MFA where no student could graduate without certain KGB supervision.  It is not surprising where this remarkable organization, ICG, has come from, as it's latest report is so saturated with pro-Russian narratives usually spun by Russian experts covering the conflict with Ukraine through the SVR prism.

Of course, the situation where an international organization brings out a report of this kind, permeated by elements of Russian propaganda, is seen as sad and dangerous.  But, fortunately, these experts are lacking skills to adapt their manuals, which makes it easy to reveal their affiliation with Russian security agencies.

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