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GRU operative brings biowarfare agent to Prague

A Russian courier, who holds a diplomatic passport, has arrived in Prague, bringing a parcel containing extremely toxic biowarfare agent ricin.

The latest developments in Prague are heating up following the move by  local authorities to dismantle the monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev in the capital city's District 6. Mayor Zdeněk Hřib and district chief Ondřej Koláře even had personal security assigned to them following a number of threats law enforcers deemed imminent.

In another snub, Prague Mayor ordered renaming the square in front of the Russian embassy in honor of the slain Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov, causing even more outrage in the Kremlin.

In the past days, Russian hackers were reported to have attacked computer networks of Czech hospitals, while local media also wrote about the deployment to the EU of a Russian military intelligence team. Now, at least one of its members have arrived in Prague.

In a little while, certain details emerged around the visit. Czech media specified that the Russian who arrived at Prague's Vaclav Havel airport was met by representatives of the Russian diplomatic corps and rushed directly to the embassy premises.

His diplomatic status ensured protection from immediate apprehension by law enforcers, while the most important detail is that the person brought a parcel containing ricin – an extremely toxic plant-based biowarfare agent (phytotoxin), with the lethal does for humans standing at a mere 0.3 mg/kg.

The Russian has been taken under surveillance by Czech security operatives, while the parcel will be almost impossible to track so its contents might very well emerge somewhere shortly that's to say the least.

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