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Russia sends agents to destabilize Prague

As Russian military intel operatives were sent to Prague, city mayor and district chief were taken under police protection.

Two days ago, an article titled "Cyber attacks on Czech hospitals as Russian revenge for demolition of monument to Soviet military commander" described a situation where Czech clinics were targeted in Russian hacking efforts. Now, a new portion of disturbing news is coming from this country, which clearly shows how intolerant and aggressive Russian intelligence has become towards it.

Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib has been taken under police protection over the threats of violence which the official started receiving after the monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev was dismantled in the city. Also, protection was provided to the head of the Prague District 6, Ondřej Koláře.

One more thing stands out in this story. After the topping of the Konev monument and unsuccessful attempt by Russian defense minister to get from Czech authorities a permission to transfer it to Russia, counterintelligence guys in Prague spotted a deployment from Russia to Europe of a team affiliated with Russian military intelligence. Recently, a Russian national was reported to have arrived in Prague, who could pose a threat to Mr Koláře.

What's apparent is that the Russians decided not to confine themselves to cyber terrorism. Of course, this doesn't prove that the intel operatives have been deployed to physically eliminate any of politicians involved in dismantling the monument. However, they could be tasked with sparking and overseeing social unrest and sowing chaos in Prague, which is home to a rather large pro-Russian crowd.

Therefore, I am sure that in the near future, Russian military intelligence will intensify its act in this city, especially since Russian defense ministry's hacker groups have already confirmed this suggestion.

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