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Russia "defeats" COVID-19, or stats lying audiences into a stupor

Russia's latest statistics on the pace of coronavirus spread has left me utterly confused over the figures stinking of gross and most hypocritical lies. I'll just try to explain my point, asking you not to accuse me of any Schadenfreude or Russophobia. We're talking about dry numbers here, noting total discrepancy between Russia's official reports and the real picture observed in other countries.

So, as of the morning of April 21, 2020, Russian government formally reported 5,642 new coronavirus cases over the past 24 hours, raising the overall number to 52,763 across Russia, with 456 recoveries and just 51 fatalities throughout the entire period since the outbreak.

The fact that the actual number of infected citizens is being concealed has been widely reported, but it's really difficult to figure out the real figures. However, the fact that Russia is significantly under-reporting its coronavirus mortality rate can be easily proved using that very false data on the incidence rate.

So, taking into account those officially recvognized 52,763 infected and 456 dead, it turns out that COVID-19 mortality in Russia stays within the negligible 0.86%. What an amazing result, right? I'd even say, phenomenal! Did Russia's health care system just make a stunning breakthrough in fighting coronavirus?

Meanwhile, the lagging USA reports a 5.32% share of lethal cases, a rotting Spain reports 10.4%, Italy, while pleading for help, sees 13.3% fatalities, France reports 17.6%, and even Germany has COVID-19 mortality at 3.3%, and Switzerland – at 5.16%!

That is, the Russian health care system claims to be much more effective in saving the lives of coronavirus patient, outrunning that of Germany, Switzerland, the U.S., Italy, and pretty much all world powers.

Isn't it enough to claim greatness? (It's not.) In fact, it's a terrifying and most hypocritical lie. Indeed, even Iran, known for its secrecy and dictatorial stance, is by an order of magnitude more honest in the face of a viral threat, declaring a mortality rate of 6.23%.

I'm afraid decades will pass until we learn the sad truth about the COVID-19 pandemic in Russia as it was the case with the famine in the Volga region, the Holodomor in Ukraine, or the large-scale Stalinist repression and millions of lives lost in the crucible of purges. Now, yet another page is being written in the history of a totalitarian state, which may be changing names but never changing its genocidal essence, under a traditional "top secret" seal.

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