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Red Square parade turning into plague-ridden circus show

For me personally, from the very first days of the official recognition by Russian government of COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent propaganda-affected coverage with a touch of censorship, concealing the real picture, it was obvious that holding such a large-scale event as Victory Day Parade would be a reckless, criminal act.

However, for almost the same reasons that the introduction of a nationwide quarantine in Russia had been delayed not to affect the April 22 referendum on amending the Constitution, the topic of the Red Square parade was strictly ignored in the context of the COVID-19 spread. Moreover, it was being "ignored" rather pro-actively as Kremlin pundits employed an array of propaganda tools to convince the population that the country needed that parade no matter what! Some even considered drawing parallels between the parade of victory over Nazism with that over coronavirus in Russia...

But something apparently went wrong.

The curve is reaching such a scale in Russia that even the deepest craving to host an event and invite world (none of whom is willing to end their life on lung ventilator) has been shattered to bits. The thing is, however, that it isn't typical for the Kremlin to be honest with their citizens, so it's no surprise that, instead of the country's top leaders but third parties are channeling to masses the sad news of likely cancelation.

First, the so-called "veteran organizations" were involved, asking President Putin to postpone the parade from May 9 for later due to COVID-19 spread across the country.

Then, a narrative was launched through federal media, with a reference to an unnamed source in the presidential administration that the Kremlin had allegedly already decided to postpone the event. The official statement in this regard is supposed to be voiced this week, reports add.

So what we're seeing is this: a massive event with some 15,000 participants is indeed being canceled, which is a right thing to do, actually. But at what cost? During rehearsals, hundreds of military personnel were infected. No certain data on fatalities is available though. But anyway, it appears that all human, media and financial resources, drawn to convince Russians that they needed the big parade, were employed in vain, in the end.

The Red Square parade, it appears, has turned into a plague-ridden circus gig – all thanks to a clumsy job by the Kremlin. Even before the coronavirus crisis unfolded, the event stank bad because it wasn't as much about mourning those whose lives were destroyed in World War 2, but rather about showing off military prowess by modern-day revanchists in the Kremlin. However, now that it's breaking up into shambles amid poor coronavirus response, which cost many their health and lives, it will definitely go down in history as total embarrassment.

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