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Russia turns into the epicenter of the spread of coronavirus

A couple of months ago, when I commented on coronavirus developments in China in my posts or streams, I noted that the real threat to the region would be not so much about an outbreak in China as the spread of COVID-19 across Russia. That's largely because in Russia, not only will it be a completely uncontrolled process, but also tightly concealed from the public, which at times expands the risks and threats by magnitudes.

Actually, this is what's we're now observing. Russia is now becoming one of the epicenters of coronavirus migration to neighboring countries.

For example, it's not news anymore that every tenth Chinese citizen arriving from Russia to China is infected. While quarantine had already been canceled in China, 60 coronavirus cases were revealed in Shanghai among passengers of the Aeroflot SU208 evacuation flight. In Heilongjiang, COVID-19, a total of 79 Chinese who were returning to their homeland from Moscow also tested positive.

In total, over the past 10 days, 152 confirmed COVID-19 cases were recorded in evacuated Chinese nationals, while 165 of them were asymptomatic carriers.

As a result, China decided to close down all checkpoints along its land border with Russia.

Meanwhile in Mongolia, 13 new coronavirus cases were reported over 24 hours, all of them being imported from Russia! That is, 100% daily growth was "due" to their northern neighbor.

The fact that citizens of other countries returning from Russia have highly likely become carriers of the coronavirus once again proves that the official statistics published by Russian authorities are pure fiction. The risk of contracting COVID-19 is so great that its concentration should actually be – and most likely is – 10 times higher than the numbers Russian officials are feeding the public with.

So I won’t be surprised if measures will soon be taken toward Russia comparable to those applied against plague-ridden territories, which is complete isolation.

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