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From Russia with love, or coronavirus obstruction in China

China has become the epicenter of coronavirus spread, while Wuhan may become a household name, but it was China that was one of the first countries to tackle the epidemic and, it would seem, approached regular stats of no new infections being recorded. But when you have such a "hybrid-friendly" neighbor as Russia, success is really hard to achieve.

As you know, Chinese citizens arriving from Russia to China are now being diagnosed with coronavirus. For example, yesterday, 20 Chinese citizens who returned home from Moscow in transit via Vladivostok tested positive within 24 hours.

Prior to that, the Chinese Embassy reported 13 carriers of coronavirus arriving from Russia.

That is, in fact, the Chinese, who can afford to move between countries by air, which testifies to their status, return home infected from a country that, according to official stats, has a much better epidemiological background than Germany, France, and especially Italy, Spain and even the USA. Even despite the fact that this country borders directly on China, and at least 3 million Chinese officially reside in the territory of its Far Eastern region, not to mention illegal immigrants, there is no rampaging coronavirus officially recorded there. For example, in Primorye, only eight cases of coronavirus infection were reported.

So, doesn't it seem to you that such stats are not exactly in line with realities, to put it mildly? In any case, the Chinese returning to China by air are being vetted much more thoroughly and meticulously than the crowds wandering across the Russian-Chinese land border 24/7. Moreover, if so many air travelers test positive for coronavirus, then what can we say about those who cross the border as part of a cheap workforce flow?

Another question is even more interesting: if there are so many coronavirus carriers among Chinese citizens leaving Russia, what is the real situation in Russia itself? Indeed, according to official data, Russia has recorded 6,343 cases in 80 regions, of which 4,484 are in Moscow. But the statistics on Chinese citizens returning from Russia, creating a threat of a second wave of the epidemic, testifies to quite the opposite.

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