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Coronavirus tide could sweep away Russian unity, its talking heads complain

An interesting turbulence is now being observed among Russian media talking-heads-slash-security-operatives. In order to better understand the essence of such branding, I should note that Russian propagandists differ from each other only in terms of the degree of their affiliation with a particular security or intelligence agency.

And it's these characters who are now beginning to broadcast very peculiar narratives in the context of the coronavirus epidemic in Russia, as well as self-isolation, not only of citizens, but also of entire settlements, regions, and republics.

For example, now an editor-in-chief of the Russia news Federal weekly Dmitry Yermolaev, mostly known for his work focused on the Baltics and Poland, is now lamenting the "collapsing unity" of Russia and its possible further fragmentation against the coronavirus background.  Moreover, Yermolaev directly draws parallels with the events of 1990-1991 in the USSR, when the central government almost completely lost control of the regions.

For starters, a few details, for those who hear this name for the first time.
Yermolaev is an SVR foreign intelligence operative focusing on the Baltic states and Poland.  Among his tasks is the cultivation of Nazi narratives in relation to these countries and the development of Russophobic, nationalist scenarios.

It is Yermolaev who has long been a handler for that Polish guy Tomasz Moczeiczuk, affiliated with neo-Nazi organizations (created to fit his objectives), which carried out pogroms on Romas in Ukraine.  By the way, leaked data on real estate property of SVR operatives, revealed an apartment on Moscow's Akademika Anokhina Street, registered for co-chair of the Eurasian Popular Front and the Anti-Bandera Movement Dmitry Yermolaev, whose father is - check this out - an SVR general (retired).

However, as for the current situation, it should be understood that since the talking head directly affiliated with the SVR is speaking of the threat of 1990-1991 events repeating, it means stuff got real.  Moreover, quite a few of Yermolaev's propaganda colleagues are now raising in media space the topic of a "split" in Russia, which is allegedly the result of "excessive rights" granted to regional authorities. Some even  claim those rights have been snatched without permission.

Russia is increasingly resembling a feudal state where local oligarchs, taking advantage of the epidemic, are already creating their own people's republics.  It’s clear why the SVR is raising the alarm - their tsar who is yet to be crowned is, in fact, is losing control of his vast lands.

Let's just keep watching...

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