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Doing business amid plague: Kremlin sends ventilators to U.S., while Russian regions lack such equip

I believe everyone remembers the recent tirades by U.S. President Donald Trump about Russia sending "humanitarian aid" to America with lots very useful equipment. And when Donald Trump claimed it was humanitarian aid, I noted to myself that we should better  wait for details about the actual nature of its cargo, bearing in mind the recently revealed fact that 80% of the rubbish Russia supplied to Italy was useless in fighting corona. Also, the general context of this assistance should be kept in focus...

And what we have today is that turned out the Russian batch  wasn't "humanitarian aid" at all. After all, the equipment delivered to the U.S. was fully paid for by the State Department.

In an official statement, the U.S. Department of State said that the United States, quote, "has agreed to purchase needed medical supplies, including ventilators and personal protection equipment, from Russia, which were handed over to FEMA on April 1 in New York City."

That's foreign trade, folks, not "humanitarian aid", which by definition is "material and logistic assistance to people who need the help. It is usually short-term help until the long-term help by government and other institutions replaces it. Among the people in need are the homeless, refugees, and victims of natural disasters, wars and famines."

But there's more to this bizarre story.

From Russian propaganda-driven reports (such an event is a perfect PR stunt, right?) we learned what exactly Russia delivered to the U.S.

It's the Aventa-M lung ventilators manufactured by OJSC UPZ - Ural Instrument-Making Plant, priced at RUB 1.5 million per unit. Meanwhile, Russia's own regions remain in desperate need of such equipment for their hospitals!
ИВЛ РФ в США.jpg
That is, being aware of the drastic demand for ventilators and an actual situation with the coronavirus spread rather than absurdly rigged stats spun on TV, the Russian government still sells them to the U.S.! It's not the poorly-prepared hospitals across Russia's outback that receive the much needed equipment, but the U.S. government!

So much for the care for the Russian people on the part of Vladimir Putin, who is just half-step away from becoming an actual tsar.,,

However, perhaps, the Russians are already well aware of this humiliating attitude to their lives and health so the tide of outrage is rising across social networks in Russia.
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