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Deformation of perception structure, or suicidal craving for Russia, The Savior

Europe and the rest of the world should understand one simple truth – while imitating an attempt to help someone amid the rampant coronavirus pandemic, Russia is first of all solving its geopolitical tasks, which have little to do with the will to lend a helping hand. And the factors testifying to this suggestion literally lie on the surface, but due to a strange combination of circumstances and completely inexplicable reasons, only few seem to actually pay attention to them.

First of all, doesn't it seem strange to the European community that, against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic spreading across Russia, whose scale Russian authorities have been hiding for more than two months already, Moscow is sending its "rescue team" to Europe? At the same time, the Russian outback is left on its own, facing the deadly viral threat.

So what we're seeing is people in Italy cheering the passing convoy of Russian military trucks, whose load is by 80% useless in fighting Covid-19, the U.S. President calls "very nice" Russia's aid, whose suitability is yet to be assessed load, while in France, voices are becoming louder of some dubious "plague heralds" calling on the Russian "saviors" to come in line with the Italian scenario.

This is all truly confusing: Russia is deploying aid to Italy and, perhaps, to the U.S. ("perhaps" here is due to the fact that Trump's words better be double-checked) instead of rushing to the aid of its own citizens in infection-struck regions.

So what could this be about other than solving own geopolitical issues as part of the Kremlin's projects to put to life their revenge-seeking ambitions, now tailored to fit the new realities of a pandemic? Moscow is now channeling all its efforts towards the implementation of destructive meddling scenarios in the EU rather than tackling the domestic spread of the novel coronavirus.

How can one possibly believe that the country that in 2008 attacked Georgia, and in 2014 invaded Ukraine, supported dictators in North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela, openly backed the bloody tyrant Bashar al-Assad and has been supplying weapons, hardware and manpower to Khalifa Haftar in Libya would suddenly and sincerely decide to help those whom they always branded as enemies in their media space?

All Russia's actions are aimed exclusively at protecting their own interests, which are completely opposite to European values - both cultural and universal. And this is not some short-term phenomenon, this is about historical heredity, much deeper and more ancient than the modern Russian Federation or the former USSR.

The problem of the Western community is that their perception has changed too much during a period of relative calm. The modern generation is oblivious to nuances of confrontation between the West and the Soviet dictatorship, they know nothing about waking up to the constant threat of a global ideological conflict.

In turn, the Russian Federation keeps easily planting in European soil a variety of its projects, exploiting weaknesses of the Western community, one of which is openness and trust – both integral parts of European values, as well as the lack of cultivated information security in society and counter-propaganda in general. Meanwhike, despair and panic have always been the main allies of "Russia, The Savior".

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