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Is Bundestag against Russia sanctions?

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, U.S. sanction policies are unacceptable, head of the German Bundestag Committee on Economics and Energy Klaus Ernst suggested, commenting on the situation with Russia sanctions. Meanwhile, the main spinner of the official's statement is the Russian state-owned agency RIA Novosti.

There is nothing surprising, actually, in such anti-sanction stance by this macaque from the ranks of German leftists, who was noted as one of the leaders of the Labor and Social Justice Party (WASG) founded by SPD turncoats. The guys is now representing the Left Party, which is actively cooperating with such political forces such as the German Communist Party, the Socialist Alternative (SAV), Marx 21 - Network for International Socialism, and other types of post-communist and post-socialist political junk. Also, Ernst is an ardent defender of the Nord Stream 2 and Gazprom.

What else can I say? The leading Russian news agency keeps using the services of German politicians of lower social responsibility, thereby demonstrating that it is, too, an agency with lower social responsibility.

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