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Putin rushes to "rescue" Italians, turning a blind eye to Russians

An interesting informational wave is now on the rise across Russia's hybrid media, namely, an unprecedented stir regarding Russia's assistance to Italy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a phone conversation with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte agreed to deploy military virologists, medical equipment and hardware  to a distant European country engulfed by coronavirus.

The aid will be delivered by nine Il-76 military transport aircraft. It will include eight medical and nursing teams totaling nearly 100 people, motorized aerosol disinfection complexes for transport and territory, as well as medical equipment.

Noteworthy, a number of information platforms are already spinning narratives about Russia, the country "unfairly accused" of downing MH17, invading Ukraine, and occupying Crimea and parts of Donbas, as well as supporting dictators, sanctioned and branded enemy No. 1 for the whole world civilization, is now deploying its forces to Italy to save Italians from the coronavirus. What a dignified and courtly act, right?

Well, it's not. In fact, the act is vile and hypocritical.

Firstly, Russia is sending all its aid to Italy against the background of an epidemic raging within its own borders that's not inferior to Italy in scale, but due to massive censorship and concealment of facts, it doesn't look as apocalyptic.

The climax of this hypocrisy lays in the fact that, by sending a rescue mission to Italy, Russian propaganda is trying to further distract public attention from their internal collapse, traditionally focusing on how bad things are going elsewhere – in this case, in Italy.

Secondly, Russian aid will not bring any dramatic breakthrough for Italy, but it definitely wouldn't hurt Russian regions. But who cares about the regions somewhere in the Russian outback when it comes to the geopolitical gig performed by Kremlin's top clown?

Just as vile is the purchase by Russian oligarchs of lung support equipment, which led to catastrophic shortages in hospitals. Just as vile is the process of cheting stats statistics by diagnosing pneumonia instead of COVID-19. And just as vile is a wait-and-see tactic amid the unfolding epidemic as potential carriers will be simply dying slowly while on home quarantine.

So much for Russia's modern geopolitics… The vast Russia is left behind to convulse, while Moscow is set to "rescue" Italy.

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