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U.S. sending advisor to Russian victory day parade as Trump snubs invitation

Some time ago, Russian media went exctatic over the unfounded assumption that world leaders would come to Moscow for the 75th anniversary of WW2 victory to attend the Red Square parade in Moscow. While France's Emmanuel Macron openly declared his intention to attend, doubts remained about willingness of the rest of leaders.

The Kremlin officials were of course craving to see U.S. President Donald Trump on Red Square, eager to boast before him of the Russian occupation forces' prowess, as well as terrorist units represented by militants that are part of the so-called "DPR" and "LPR", who are also set to take part in the event. Think about it: the host of this extravaganza has been repeatedly accused from the UN rostrum of murdering thousands of Syrians, while the Dutch court is now hearing the MH17 downing case…

While everything is clear with President Trump, the scheduled Russia visit of his national security advisor remains rather embarrassing.

The White House, for some reason, decided to deploy on diplomatic frontlines Mr Robert O'Brien, who will have to take part in Victory Day celebrations in Moscow.

At first glance, of course, this isn't Trump or even State Secretary Pompeo, but still, he represents the White House at an advisor's level. Also, we can assume that this visit is not just an opportunity for Robert O'Brien to buy matryoshka dolls on the Arbat and grab a couple of shots with extras posing as veterans. It's primarily a business trip to resolve pressing issues at the regional level, like Syria. But…

But any negotiations to the tune of Russia's major propagandist event, discrediting foreign attendees having stand by Putin's side and applaud marching terrorists from occupied territories, is not just a stupid idea – this is an absolute fiasco. It'a s moral, ethical, and professional fiasco.

On the other hand, who knows how the situation with the coronavirus will develop in Russia until May? After all, it may as well happen that Robert O'Brien will be able to save face without having to maneuver at all.

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