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Rogue states trying to exploit coronavirus theme, employ puppets to have sanctions lifted

An interesting tendency is being observed against the background of a global coronavirus spread, namely, by betting on empathy, a number of rogue governments are trying to have earlier imposed sanctions finally lifted.

Iran, which has since last year been under sanctions and oil embargo, was the first to call for easing in connection with the raging epidemic.

Venezuela followed suit, begging for mercy, with local dictator Nicolas Maduro even asking $5 billion from the IMF to fight the coronavirus.

Of course, such a rogue state as Russia could not by try its luck as well. But, unlike Iran and Venezuela, the Kremlin was more cautious, first by deploying their puppet talking heads in Europe

Russian media started spinning the narrative about the International Committee of the Bundestag allegedly calling for the lifting of Russia sanctions against the background of the coronavirus epidemic. The issue is set to be discussed next week. But it's not only the very proposal that's interesting but also the number of MPs who have voiced it.

The thing is that the idea's main lobbyist is Bundestag int'l committee member Waldemar Gerdt, representative of an obviously pro-Russian Alternative to Germany (AfD) faction, which German security chief Thomas Haldenwang called "extremist". Gerdt is also the guy who recently organized for Putin's major political operative in Ukraine, Viktor Medvedchuk, an event (although it was held in one of Bundestag's lowprofile backrooms) as part of the latter's "Interparliamentary Dimension of the Normandy format" project, financed directly by Moscow along the FSB lines.

Funny enough, this idea was supported by another Russian crony group in the Bundestag, the "Left" faction represented Alexander Noah, the group's foreign policy chief.

And – what a timing! - in less than 24 hours, Russia's Federation Council's foreign affairs committee chief Konstantin Kosachev noted that, against the background of coronavirus spread, all Russia sanctions have to be annulled.

So it's clearly seen that rogue state actors, defying all principles of morality and dignity, have decided to take advantage of the global problem to rid themselves of troubling economic and political burdens. The most agile ones employ to this end their marginal puppets to spread traditional narratives about the damage of sanctions, especially so in an era of rampant coronavirus, and propaganda ideas at the time when people's minds are most vulnerable.

But we all do understand that this is not only about a propaganda trend ongoing since 2014 – the timing is also due to the fact that plunging oil prices, as well as the demand for Iranian, Venezuelan and Russian products, will soon significantly reduce financial capabilities of these rogue actors to support their lobbyists in the EU. That's why their puppets have intensified their efforts today – soon their funding might be curbed or severed altogether.

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