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Less than two weeks remaining until MH17 trial

While the media are talking about a brewing confrontation between Turkey and Russia in Syrian Idlib and the Kremlin is passionately sending out to world leaders provocative invitations to the May 9 victory parade on Red Square, we seem to miss out on an event approaching like a tsunami – the MH17 trial.

Less than two weeks are left until March 9, when the trial in the Netherlands starts on the case of the Malaysian Boeing flight MH17 shot down over the Donetsk region. And among the accused, I recall, there are three citizens of the Russian Federation.

The defendants in the MH17 case are citizens of the Russian Federation Igor Girkin, Sergey Dubinsky and Oleg Pulatov, as well as one Ukrainian citizen – Leonid Kharchenko.

They are charged with both deliberate and unintentional manslaughter. This is due to the fact that the prosecution is sure – these people took direct part in choosing a site to launch the missile and provided comprehensive assistance to the Russian military. Therefore, these four are fully responsible for the death of passengers.

But, as you know, this is by no means the end of the sad history of MH17, but only the beginning. After all, these four criminals will only be the first in a series of defendants, those who directly controlled the Buk air defense system, gave orders, and concealed information.

So let the Kremlin and the entire top military-political leadership that authorized the deployment and use of the Buk missile defense system by the Russian military in Donbas get ready as no one has forgotten about them. They are the next after the established four, which helped and provided everything necessary for the Russian occupation forces.

But another thing is also interesting: the trial will start on March 9, while Putin's "maniac feast" is scheduled for May 9. That is, by that time, things could take such a turn that Emmanuel Macron would not only be embarrassed to attend the parade, but also to stand next to Putin. And it's not just him.

Although, perhaps moral principles can no longer be applied the French president…

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