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Celebrating "75th anniversary of Great Victory" in Russia: world leaders and tourists from puppet Do

As you know, some world leaders, representatives of civilized countries, expressed their readiness to attend the parade on Red Square, dedicated to the "75th anniversary of the Great Victory." Among them is French President Emmanuel Macron.

If you thought this immoral idyll of celebrations in the heart of today's aggressor state couldn't get any worse, think again.

The thing is that Russian handlers are now selecting in the occupied territories of Ukraine's Donbas a group of applicants for participation in the Moscow parade from among members of illegal armed groups.

You read that right: a certain number of fighters, essentially terrorists, will be invited to the capital of the Russian Federation to participate in the Victory Day parade, which is also to be attended by foreign senior officials.

First of all, the celebration, which, in fact, should be all about mourning the fallen soldiers and civilian victims, has turned into a large-scale showoff event. But the memory of war heroes, which instead of being properly honored in Russia is perversely exploited for the sake of propaganda goals, is also being desecrated by modern-day war criminals from unrecognized "republics" – and this is set to happen amid wide international attendance, too.

I hope all European leaders will ultimately stay out of this mess and refrain from visiting Moscow on May 9. After all, if this is not the case, not only will they have to stand alongside top officials of the aggressor state and their puppet entities, but also observe terrorist march across Red Square, while silently endorsing the occupation of Crimea, parts of Donbas, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, parts of Moldova (Transnistria), as well as Assad's genocide in Syria, etc.
And it will be absolutely wrong to see the French leader will greet from the rostrum those Donbas terrorists and Russian military who have been taking part in Kremlin's aggressive campaigns around the world and slaying civilians with carpet bombings, also having occupied parts of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.

You will probably agree this surreal image would be just too delusional and toxic.

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