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Assad forces preparing chemical attack in Aleppo area, planning to call it out as "staged"

Russia's "gray segment" information resources today, February 4, intensified their efforts as part of preparations for am operation to discredit the Assad regime.

In particular, it is reported that the "White Helmets" organization in the village of Zerba, which is located in the province of Aleppo, is allegedly preparing to stage the use of chemical weapons by SAR troops. Mention is made of the use of chlorine against civilians.

This kind of hype may be due to the fact that the Bashar al-Assad regime actually intends to use chemical weapons to suppress resistance of rebel forces in the Aleppo region, as it has already been done more than once. Moreover, it is the White Helmets that, in addition to rescue and medical operations, are involved in documenting war crimes in Syria, including those of the Assad regime and its "allies," against the civilian population.

It is not surprising that Russian informational resources announced in advance a claim that a "staged" attack was being planned, being aware of the impending action, as well as the inevitable publication of evidence of yet another crime. However, by doing so, they revealed Assad's upcoming plans for the use of chemical weapons.

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