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Viktor Medvedchuk's European voyage in the spotlight or marginal media

Well, it seems that the withdrawal into the shadow of Viktor Medvedchuk's main opponent, Vladislav Surkov, has given him and a trio of his patrons, Kozak-Babich-Beseda, some confidence and strength in implementing ambitious plans to try to put the leader of the “Opposition Platform - For Life” party to the highest European political circles.

At least that's how it might seem at first glance. After all, watching how Viktor Medvedchuk, after the creation of the inter-factional association “Inter-Parliamentary Dialogue for Peace” in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine last year, which even received support of Russian President Vladimir Putin, plunged headlong into the voyage across the EU with the initiative “The parliamentary dimension of the Normandy format,” one might really think that Europeans accepted him as their equal.

In fact, the voyage of Viktor Medvedchuk can be called a budget voyage highlighted by marginal media and to the applause of peripheral politicians.

For example, the conference “Parliamentary Dimension of the Normandy Format” held on January 23 at the Luxembourg Palace in France, which was called "successful" by the Russian media, actually gathered no more than 20 participants. And you should look at the participants…

The organizers of the event are Senator Sebastian Moran, senator with the right-wing opposition Republican party, Henri Malosse, former chairman of the European Socio-Economic Committee, Gerard Longe, member of the France-Russian Federation group in the Senate, member of the French National Assembly and member of the France – Russia group Natalia Puzyreva (Russian-born), Senator Joel Gario-Mailam, head of the“ International Council of Russian Compatriots ”, and head of the Russian Musical Society in Paris Pyotr Sheremetyev...

Viktor Medvedchuk, the Kremlin’s project in Ukraine, gathered in a modest but friendly circle other Kremlin projects, this time French ones, and spoke to Russian media about global issues. Isn't that awesome?

What is most funny – and it struck me first and foremost – is that at this event, screaming "Russian affiliation", was ignored by the main pro-Russian figure in France, Madame Marine Le Pen! How so, many might ask. It is obvious, actually.

Firstly, Viktor Medvedchuk and his entourage in the Luxembourg Palace is of such a status that it's too low even for Marine Le Pen. Secondly, Marine Le Pen is precisely the product of the GRU, and therefore contacts with a competing party is beyond the interests of her “sponsors”.

But let's move on because Viktor Medvedchuk also has a plan for the Bundestag!

However, in the Bundestag, Viktor Medvechuk will have a very dubious full house at the conference “Inter-parliamentary cooperation for peace in Ukraine: presentation of the inter-parliamentary dimension of the Normandy format” organized by German parliamentarians from the openly pro-Russian faction “Alternative for Germany”, Waldemar Gerdt and Petr Buestron.

This event won't get any coverage in serious German media. Moreover, representatives of international media will not be invited to it, either. Political colors of attendees will be pretty monotonous. But organizers have other goals to pursue…

Medvedchuk's efforts to create for himself the image of a peacemaker go to a new level, even despite the fact that for a serious European political elite, this man, in fact, doesn't even exist. But Russian and pro-Russian TV channels will be using this second-grade materiel to sculpt an image of David fighting Goliath and fill information space with the relevant narratives.

This whole situation is hilarious and sad at the same time. It is hilarious because that all this wannabe pathos and pseudo-significance are not worth a penny given the actual interest in Mr Medvedchuk in European circles (spoiler: there is none).

In fact, if Russia if not for the Russian funding of mentioned political forces and groups in France and Germany, they would probably go around inviting local hobos to attend Medvedchuk's gatherings just for food. But it's sad, too, because information fast food consumers tend to believe this cheap performance broadcast by Medvedchuk's growing media empire, which might give him some additional electoral points in the future.

Meanwhile, the French and Germans need to clearly realize that the Russian intelligence are not only funding marginal political forces in their countries but also openly exploiting them in their information and propaganda special operations.

It seems that the lessons of terror attacks of 2015-2016 in France and Germany under the guise of ISIS, the yellow vests protests in Paris, the assassination of Khangoshvili in Berlin, and the GRU's "alpine base" were apparently never learned...

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