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Why is Russia producing more and more absurd versions of PS752 crash cause?

Something strange is being observed in the Russian information segment after Iran pleaded guilty to the downing of the Ukrainian airliner flight PS752. More precisely, it all started right after the version was totally debunked of the Boeing being downed by U.S. specops forces on the ground, a U.S. UAV, or a U.S. missile. So now Kremlin propaganda turned on to spread the rumor that the Iranian anti-aircraft missile system was confused under influence of an American EW system or satellite.

And the most interesting part is that the first sketches about the alleged interference in the work of Iranian radars by the American EW/satellite emerged simultaneously with the first round of arrests in Iran of those involved in the tragedy along with a quite serious discussion in the information space, including in the West, of the possibility of Russia remotely operating their military equipment, including TOR M1 anti-aircraft systems. And the initial platform used to spread this narrative was Russia's English language outlet Sputnik.

In fact, the usual methodology is being worked out of shifting blame to other players. This is what Russia quite often applies, actually. For example, as it was in Donbas in 2014. After the Russian Buk air defense system shot down the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, Russian propaganda urgently announced that the plane was downed by a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jet. Despite the absurdity of that claim, it still lives in the Russian segment of the internet.

This is exactly what's happening today: anticipating a possibly negative investigation outcome for themselves, Russia is launching into the great wide open a series of absurd versions of the disaster. However, these spins also show Freudian slips on Russia's part.

I believe everyone remembers that it was precisely the Russian media that initially forced into the information space the first, and rather ambiguous images that emerged, purportedly showing warheads of Tor M1 missiles "at the crash site". Although, at that time, even Bellingcat investigators chose not to rush with conclusions and didn't take up the responsibility to confirm authenticity of said images.
That is, Russian media outlets, which I stress never take a single step without an approval from security agencies and / or clans that control them, voiced the version of Iran's involvement in the tragedy at the time when Tehran was still denying everything as a "big lie" of the West. That is, Russia deliberately focused on spreading the word that Iran was guilty.

In parallel lines, though, a number of Russian pseudo-experts suggested the involvement of a U.S. specops forces on the ground engaging the Boeing with MANPADS, an American attack drone, and many other weird scenarios.

That is, while pushing reports on Iran's involvement, Russia at the same time incited among Iranian audiences hatred against the U.S.  And once all the versions but the Iran missile hit were debunked, Russians started working to refute the one that is primarily attributed to Russia – a possible remote interference in the Tor launcher's operations.

So, amid Russia's attempts to sink the Persian Gulf into the abyss of confrontation between the United States and Iran, the Kremlin's "pants are on fire", as they say.

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