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GRU sparking religious unrest in the Balkans

Here comes yet another confirmation of protests against the law on religious freedom in Montenegro being supervised from Russia. The latest evidence surfaced in Kosovo.

In the city of Gracanica, ethnic Serbs took to the streets, opposing the neighboring country's law on religious freedom. An interesting point here is that among local citizens a number of Russian nationals were spotted, one of whom turned out to be a Russian military intelligence (GRU) operative.

A report by KosovaPress notes that a Russian intelligence officer crossed into Kosovo on the eve of the protests on January 7, using fake ID, posing as a UN official in Kosovo where UN staff enjoyed diplomatic immunity.

From January 8 to 9, the Russian spy stayed in the local monastery, where, along with two other Russian nationals, he met and negotiated with the local clergy.

Considering how much of a headache Montenegro's latest legislative initiatives are to Moscow, it's no surprise that the Russian-controlled religious enclaves were set in motion to sow chaos. But I'd also like to draw your attention to the events that unfolded last May.

Back then, during a raid in Kosovo, police detained Mikhail Krasnoshchenkov, a Russian citizen employed by the UN mission (UNIMK). During the raid, the Russian was wounded and admitted to a hospital in Mitrovice. It turned out that Krasnoshchekov was a Colonel (retired) with the Russian GRU. The man was apprehended along with dozens of Bosnians and Serbs, allegedly suspected of criminal wrongdoings. It was also assumed that the group was plotting to destabilize the region.

So what are we seeing today? It's yet another fact of the GRU presence in places where the process of civic destabilization is underway. Moreover, in this case, the effort isn't entirely focused on Montenegro, rather sparking a wave-like process in all areas wher
e the Serbian Church is present.
And there's also another very important and significant moment here. GRU Intelligence once again deploys its agents under the guise of a UN Mission (UNIMK). I'm sure that this organization should take a closer look at its HR issues, and in cases where fake IDs are used by Russia's security agencies, it should take a tougher stance and provide a resolute response to such fraud.

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