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Russia's Freudian slips in Ukrainian plane crash coverage point to real culprits

Russian propaganda, as expected, is starting to spin versions of the causes behind Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 crash in Iran that are favorable to the Kremlin. First of all, they emphasize the claim that this is an act of sabotage on the part of (insert drumroll here) the USA! Moreover, such narratives are being promoted even beyond GRU-controlled outlets, including by pseudo-experts long known for their ridiculous and sometimes delusional statements, which, in fact, leaves no secret as to who is directing the play.

For example, the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, which from time immemorial has been under the watchful eye of the Russian defense ministry, posted an extensive interview with military expert Alexei Leonkov, often exploited during information spins or in order to pump up exaggerated "patriotic" moods among Russian audience.

I remember this expert claiming back in 2018 that Ukraine's small artillery boat Gyurza-M had no armor to boast. In turn, even Russian media visually demonstrated during the Kerch Strait attack in November 2018 that 5.45 mm ammo failed to penetrate the hull of said Ukrainian boats.

In early 2019, this so-called "military expert" spoke out that for the total annihilation of the entire U.S. population, Russia would only require ten RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles. The statement by the war-mongering humanity-hating pseudo-pundit quickly went viral across Russian media. This clearly demonstrated the delusional and immoral nature of Russian propaganda and also the extent to which this propaganda exploits useless and oblivious talking heads. By the way, considering that Russia hasn't tested out its Sarmat ICBMs since 2016, Leonkov's "threatening" message raises eyebrows, to say the least.

This is all just a prelude for you to realize what kind of "expertise" we're talking about here. Right now, we're witnessing this pundit trying to spin a narrative that the tragedy with the Ukrainian airliner was a U.S. fault. This "expert" suggests it was a U.S. air defense unit that shot down the passenger jet, mistaking it for an Iranian plane. An even bolder version claims it could be an American subversive group who engaged thee plane with a MANPAD!

And here's a very important point. Indeed, while the suggestion about the deployment near Tehran of a U.S. spec-ops team looks like a post-new year bingedrinker's madness, the very mention of the version with MANPADS is exactly a classical Freudian slip if we talk about Russia and its infamous hybrid plots it implements across the world.

Just this morning, while reflecting on possible causes of the crash, I considered the one of an act of terror – either with a bomb on board or a MANPAD shot. Given the fact that no one took responsibility for the attack, this could indeed be an act of sabotage. But this certainly couldn’t be the United States, whose citizens and their Iranian contacts are constantly monitored in Iran.

The report by Moskovsky Komsomolets and its pseudo-experts was echoed by another outlet, unsurprisingly, also directly related to the Russian security agencies – "Komsomolskaya Pravda", with its own pool of wannabe pundits.

The platform cited a member of the Russian team independently probing the MH17 crash (yeah, I know!), while we all remember perfectly well that not a single version offered by the Russians ever proved solvent. So this guy now says there are shrapnel traces on the fuselage.

This version was shared by another propaganda resource, PolitNavigator, which is good friends with the Russian GRU, where it was supported by an "expert" named Armen Gasparyan: "The crash of the Ukrainian Boeing near Tehran’s airport is very similar to that of a Malaysian plane in the sky over Donbas, which took place in 2014."

In fact, Russian experts and specialists have already reached a common understanding of who allegedly carried out the act of sabotage in Iran, so they will be imposing this narrative on international audiences in the future.

At the same time, the ones who could actually perform this kind of a mission are, of course, Iran's closest partners – Russian "instructors" and "consultants", as well as their human assets, who under much less scrutiny by Iranian security services than any Westerners .

But, of course, none of Russian pseudo-experts will ever focus on this obvious point, as well as the fact that such a violent act against civilians is much more beneficial to the Russian side, which seeks to further spin the flywheel of confrontation in the Middle East. Besides the financial profit arising for Russia from such a spin, there is another very important one – related to the media space.

It's about accusing the U.S. of this deadly "provocation", while putting certain accents for the Ukrainian audience through the Kremlin-controlled information platforms in Ukraine, claiming Washington's direct involvement in the deaths of Ukrainians in Iran.

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