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Russia plays ISIS card on New Year holidays, raising more skepticism

Just the other day, in my column "ISIS to live on in Ukraine as long as it benefits supervisors of puppet 'journalists'," I noted in the general context the importance for Russian propaganda of some terrorist attack being carried out on behalf of ISIS. Literally, referring to the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg averted thanks to the United States, I emphasized: "It is also worth noting that had the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg worked out, it would've created a very 'appropriate' picture for the Kremlin on New Year's eve, with the widest horizon of opportunities opening up in 2020."

Well, less than in 24 hours, Russians actually came up with their pseudo-ISIS incident to feed their audience some more information fast food.

On December 31 in the capital of Ingushetia, Magas, two unidentified perpetrators attacked a traffic police post. To be more precise, a pair of obviously intoxicated young men were driving their car until they hit a police officer. Realizing the grave repercussions to come and deranged by booze, the two decided to eliminate all witnesses of the incident and charged at other police officers, wielding knives on them.

One policeman was kiled and three were injured. One of the attackers was killed as well.

And now, almost on the third day, ISIS claimed it was behind the attack, as reported on SITE Intelligence Group portal.

At the same time, I should note that there was no evidence of ISIS involvement. The terrorist organization often either announces its attacks in a video prepared in advance, or reports immediately following the attack. In this case, the delay was three days!

That is, it seems that the real plot for the New Year was the St. Petersburg attack, but when it was exposed to an extent that the FSB simply could not fail to react, it was necessary to move to a Plan B mode, which Russians hadn't. So this Plan B could be any robbery or other incident that could be tied to ISIS. After all, today's agenda of Russian propaganda requires focusing on this topic as much as possible and spreading the "ISIS threat" message almost 24/7.

In fact, the number of violent incidents on New Year's eve is always sufficient, so security forces had no problem with finding the right case to spin. And, of course, they didn't hesitate to give the latest ISIS report a recognizable Caucasus undertone. But, as it has long been traditional for Russian security operatives, they just couldn’t do their job well, so it once again turned into a clumsy embarrassment with a ridiculous delay.

Too boring, girls!
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