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"Putin's gas pipe" at dead end

Despite the fact that the United States has granted companies associated with the laying of Nord Stream 2 a delay to halt their operations, the Swiss-based Allseas, which plays a major and vital role in the project, has decided not to resume its work.

Of course, the Swiss firm had the opportunity to continue laying, while bypassing the imposition of sanctions, but they did not go for this, putting the Russian side in a position of indefinite stalemate. It is indefinite simply because Russia is unable to lay the remaining section of Nord Stream 2 right now.

Thus, Gazprom, despite the brazen grumbling of its management and officials entitled to media appearances, will not only fail to complete the laying of the gas pipeline until the end of 2019, which was already obvious, but also gets many other unpleasant New Year's "presents". Moreover, these go beyond the potential inability of the gas monopoly to build its own gas pipeline in the near future, namely, until May 24, 2020, while the energy directives could not apply to the pipe.

Now in the ecologists are actively discussing the issue of the dumping of chemical weapons in the Baltic Sea east of Bornholm, as well as nuclear waste, carried out by the Russian military in the early 1990s.

According to the latest reports, in the early 1990s, nuclear waste was removed from the former Soviet naval base of Karosta, which was located in the region of the city of Liepaja in Latvia, southeast of Sweden, and then buried in the Baltic Sea.

An investigation by environmentalists concerning the surfaced facts of this kind of dumping, is gaining momentum, and, if these facts are confirmed, the countries of the Baltic region may well demand from Russia compensation for the damage inflicted on the environment. But there's more.

The thing is that it is no longer due to the threat of U.S. sanctions, but environmental standards, that all works on the bottom of the Baltic Sea could be suspended pending research.

Thus, "Putin's gas pipe" is indeed facing a dead end, related to sanctions, legislative, technological and in the near future, possibly also environmental considerations. And therefore, 2019 is not the year of Nord Stream 2. But who said that 2020 will become one? More and more doubts arise.
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