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Russia's dreams of legitimizing “LPR” and “DPR” in PACE

As you know, the other day, representatives of the so-called “republics”, the unrecognized LPR and DPR, met in Minsk with a German Parliament deputy from the right-wing radical party “Alternative for Germany”, also a PACE deputy, Ulrich Jome.  And this meeting served as a starting point for the Kremlin media to pick up the deputy’s idea of including representatives of pseudo-republics in the “Normandy format” and talk about their legitimization at the PACE level.

In fact, as I wrote earlier, it was a pre-planned act by Russian president's aide Vladislav Surkov and his puppets.  And in this case, we are talking not only about the representatives of the “LPR” and “DPR”, but also about the German right-winger.

But, nevertheless, this meeting was actually much ado about nothing...

Few people noticed, but the above-mentioned deputy, Ulrich Jome, is not a PACE representative.  Indeed, he is a member of the German delegation, but at the same time he cannot represent PACE or conduct any negotiations on its behalf.  His status doesn't allow him to.

And therefore, it was nothing but a private meeting on the initiative of the deputy representing the party "Alternative for Germany", which has been very closely cooperating with the Russian Federation.

By the way, on October 16, a similar attempt was made by Deputy of the Berlin Landtag with the Alternative for Germany party, Gunnar Lindeman, in an attempt to portray Bundestag's "interest" in pseudo-republics.  But, again, a private visit cannot be attributed to the general position of Germany.  Although, the event was served to masses anyway, as another piece of propaganda fastfood.

We should also recall February 2018, when nine German deputies from the same Alternative for Germany party, who represented regional parliaments of Berlin, Brandenburg and Rhine-Westphalia, visited the occupied Crimea.

Of course, that visit also created some information wave, but what remains the bottom line?  Crimea, as was and remains under tough sanctions, as a political leper colony.  Besides this miserable handful of German political outcasts, how many tourists from Germany came to Crimea in the past two years? A good question, really...

The answer, in fact, draws a line under all that farce we've been observing over the past years. Russia is trying in every possible way to legitimize the status of the occupied territories, if not explicitly, then at least ephemerally, to create an appearance of some kind of foreign recognition.  And this is very telling.

Firstly, if Russia were as self-sufficient and independent a "superpower" as they wish others refer to them, they wouldn't care about the issues of recognition and legitimization of their puppet entities.  But it's not the case… They keep recruiting the most rotten politicians through the most seductive offers with a taste of hydrocarbons, luring them into the occupied territories. However,the efforts bore no fruit, except for those information waves.

Secondly, a such trips of foreign politicians to the occupied areas once again confirms who is an outcast and a traitor in a large European family.

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