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Hungary turning into Russia's federal district

Over the past few days, Hungary has voiced some extremely unfriendly statements, full of infamous narratives.

Just the other day the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine summoned the Hungarian Hungary to Ukraine, Istvan Íjgyártó and handed him a note of protest, which was the result of his extremely inappropriate and aggressive statements about the "complexity of the Ukrainian language", the autonomy of the Hungarian national minority in Ukraine and the Hungarian side blocking the Ukraine-NATO Commission.

The ambassador was reminded that Law of Ukraine "On Education" does not violate the rights of Ukrainians of Hungarian descent, but, on the contrary, helps them realize themselves, which was confirmed by the Venice Commission. However, Budapest's reaction was absolutely opposite.

Thus, the Hungarian parliament turned to the Russian State Duma with a request to contribute to the protection of rights of linguistic minorities in Ukraine, as reported by Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. It is noteworthy that it was Vyacheslav Volodin who recently started raising the issue of national minorities in the framework of the UN conference. Now he intends to urge the European Parliament, the OSCE, and PACE to look into the situation of national minorities' rights in Ukraine.

That is, it's obvious that certain officials and political forces in Hungary act in a rather synchronized manner with the Russian side to create another language precedent in Ukraine, which may have quite far-reaching negative prospects.

And in the context of these developments, I cannot but draw your attention to the fact that against the background of another wave of language frictions, Chairman of the Gazprom Board of Directors Viktor Zubkov visited Hungary where he held talks with the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, Peter Szijjarto.

Following the meeting, Szijjarto assured that Gazprom would retain its leading role in gas supplies to Hungary and the development of the country's infrastructure. In addition, the onshore part of the TurkStream gas pipeline will have to supply Russian gas to the southern border of Hungary along the route via Bulgaria and Serbia.

And here, I don't even know if there's anything else to explain? Indeed, the Kremlin’s favorite topic of infringement of national minorities in Ukraine, which to a greater extent, is a hybrid motif played by Moscow's notes, intensified on the eve of a number of important geopolitical events. Here it is appropriate to recall the NATO summit in London, the bitter aftertaste of Russia's defeat during a conference at the UN, and preparations for the Normandy Four summit.

And, of course, a Gazprom official couldn't but emerge in the arena. Indeed, this monopoly, which is called not so much to bring economic profit, but to yield hybrid results, accompanies almost all active phases of pro-Russian forces' efforts in Europe.

And therefore, with such dependence on Moscow, Hungary is turning into an actual federal district of the Russian Federation.

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